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Binance FAQ WrapUp

A Wrap Up of Our Binance FAQ Series

We had a good run of 10 dedicated FAQ articles about Binance. We look at them one more time and show you the highlights. Not...
how to stake solana on binance

How to Stake Solana on Binance

Solana is an impressive blockchain for scalable DeFi and NFT projects. The platform is amongst the top Layer 1 blockchains with a high-performing native...
Binance FAQ 10

Our Binance FAQ Part 10: 5 Questions About Binance

Here's a brand-new chapter of Binance FAQs. Binance has many features and users. Hence, there are also many questions to answer.  Have a look at...
Binance account verification levels & KYC

What Levels of Verification & KYC Does Binance Have?

Binance is a centralized crypto exchange (CEX). On a CEX, you need to complete a KYC verification. This in contrast to a decentralized exchange...
How Emerging Markets use Binance P2P

How Emerging Markets Access Crypto with Binance P2P

Cryptocurrency adoption across the world is surging. The industry has captured mainstream attention and is slipping into every region and country worldwide. Many have...
Binance.US 3rd anniversary

Binance.US Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Binance.US has reasons to celebrate. Thursday, September 22nd sees their 3rd anniversary. Reasons to be cheerful. Binance throws a virtual party in the metaverse...
How to Use Binance From Africa

How to Use Binance if You Are in Africa

A report by blockchain research firm, Chainalysis, revealed that Africa had one of the most active crypto markets. Researchers observed that peer-to-peer transactions were...

How Expats Can Save Money Using Binance 

Expat life is an interesting experience. You're far away from home. This can bring quite a few challenges. One is that you can have...
Binance Referral Program

Save Money With The Binance Referral Program

We all already have an idea of how people make money on Binance right? To do that, you have to deposit crypto into some...
Binance NFTs

How do Binance NFTs Work 

NFTs came, saw, and conquered the crypto space. 2021 saw a real NFT craze. The first quarter of 2022 saw $2 billion in sales....