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Binance FAQ part 9

Our Binance FAQ Part 9: 5 Questions About Binance

In this "Binance FAQ" section, we will talk about which token is a good investment in binance, binance smart chain (BNB Chain), the Binance's...
PancakeSwap Token Burn Event

PancakeSwap Token Burn Event

Decentralized exchange platform PancakeSwap recently completed yet another token burn event. According to a tweet by PancakeSwap, 6,898,491 $CAKE, which is worth about $23 million,...
Binance Has Launched BNB Auto-Burn

Binance Has Launched BNB Auto-Burn

Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, has announced that it is going to replace its current quarterly burn mechanism with a new Binance Coin...
CoinEx Exchange

How Can CoinEx Be Bigger Than Binance?

According to Newsbtc, CoinEx had a 30,000% trading volume in just 24 hours, this exchange has already overtaken Binance, but only a few people...
Binance Labs Invests in DoraHacks

DoraHacks Secures $8 million from Binance Labs

DoraHacks secures $8 million in strategic funding. Binance Labs provided the funding. It is the VC and innovation incubator of Binance. Following this commitment, the...
Binance Smart Chain Highlights October Week 4

Binance Smart Chain Updates | BSC Collaborates with MCDEX | Oct Week 4

There have been some exciting developments in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem lately. To keep followers informed, Altcoin Buzz takes a look back at...
Top 5 low cap coins on bsc

Top 5 Low Cap Coins on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance Smart Chain's daily transaction count is going ballistic. In less than a year, the daily transaction count went up from 38 (August 30,...
terra luna classic review

What is Terra Luna Classic? Part 1

A few months ago, the Terra LUNA network abruptly collapsed. Not only did investors lose billions of dollars, but the implosion also triggered a...

Commonwealth Airdrop Guide

Historically, VC funding has been exclusive to an elite few. However, imagine participating in a VC fund yourself. Common Wealth introduces "The Free VC...

Serenity Shield See Their $SERSH Token Exploding

DePIN is one of the most promising narratives for 2024 and beyond. With DePIN, we enter the realm of infrastructure. One of the up-and-coming...