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How To Use Circles Garden

How To Use Circles Garden

The Berlin-based company, Circles UBI, has launched a project on the xDai Ethereum sidechain. It offers a free basic income to its users each...

Circle Rolls Out New Services for Business

Popular crypto firm Circle recently announced a modification of its services specifically for business. Business owners can now register for the Circle Business Account....
Kraken Acquires Circle's OTC Desk

Kraken Acquires Circle’s OTC Desk

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has acquired Circle's global OTC desk.  This is according to an official blog post by the cryptocurrency exchange. Circle is one...

Circle Wants United States Poloniex Users to Withdraw Assets Quickly

Circle, the parent company of cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, announced measures to make United States Poloniex users withdraw their funds. The plan reportedly includes charging United...
Poloniex Bans US traders from its platform.

Poloniex Exits Circle, Bans US Traders from its Platform

Crypto exchange Poloniex has recently announced that it was breaking out of its parent firm Circle. It made this announcement via an official blog post,...
Coinbase and circle will mint USDC

Coinbase and Circle Will Mint $30 Million USDC

Coinbase and Circle have announced the minting of USDC tokens worth $30 million on Ethereum’s blockchain. According to a report, Coinbase and Circe have...

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Still Optimistic About Bitcoin Being a Safe Haven

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of crypto financial services firm Circle, recently expressed his optimism regarding Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC. In an interview with CNBC’s...

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Links Bitcoin Surge to US-China Trade War

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of crypto financial services firm Circle, believes that the sudden rally of Bitcoin relates to the US-China Trade War. The CEO...

Circle and Poloniex Move to Bermuda, Cites Unfavourable Regulatory Conditions in the US

Poloniex exchange, run and managed by Circle, has received a full Digital Assets Business Act license in Bermuda. Circle is one of many that...

Circle CEO Calls Blockchain and Crypto “the Fabric of the 21st-Century.”

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, is a known BTC bull. He believes that blockchain and crypto are going to become ubiquitous. And hopes that...