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Ethereum EIP-1559

2 Possible Reasons Why Ethereum Gas Fees Went So High

If you ever wanted to purchase an Ethereum-based NFT, you would have to pay a transaction fee to register it on the blockchain. That...
Argent Brings Ethereum Gas Fees as Low as $1

Argent Brings Ethereum Gas Fees as Low as $1

Argent, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, is planning to integrate zksync into its Layer 2 platform. The goal is to provide low-cost gas and faster...
Loopring (LRC) Price and Volume Skyrockets as Do Ethereum Gas Fees

Loopring (LRC) Price and Volume Skyrockets as Do Ethereum Gas Fees

The native token of Layer 2 scaling platform Loopring is the only thing outperforming Ethereum today as transaction fees skyrocket along with ETH prices. With...
polygon vs ethereum comparison

Polygon a BETTER Crypto Investment Than Ethereum in 2023?

This article answers the most important question for the next bull rally. Which is a better investment for the next bullrun ETH or MATIC. Take...
best ethereum casinos

10 Best Ethereum Casinos Online: Top ETH Gambling Sites

The best Ethereum Casinos and gambling sites are taking the industry by storm. Casinos that accept Ethereum often double the bonuses of fiat casinos, list...
bnb gas fees

Another 5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 2

This article has two parts. Here is the first one. This is Part 2 of an article series about BNB gas fees. Here’s a link...
tokens with a lot of potencial

MASSIVE POTENTIAL – This Project is Outperforming Ethereum

Ethereum Merge - it was crypto’s biggest moment to date. But, it has come and gone without addressing the two major Ethereum issues: Gas...
bnb gas fees review

5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 1

Gas fees are something that we as crypto users get used to. Of course, we enjoy free or low gas fees and fast transactions....
solana vs ethereum comparison review

Solana vs Ethereum, Which One Is Better?

Ethereum is still dominating the NFT market. Pretty much since NFTs started, and all during the 2021 boom. However, the times are changing. There's...
how to bridge avalanche to ethereum

How to Bridge Avalanche (AVAX) to Ethereum (ETH)

Interoperability is one of the most popular keywords in the crypto space. Add cross-chain to this, and we're right on track. Different blockchains need...