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Ripple XRP and Quant Overledger Gateway Partnership

Ripple XRP and Quant Overledger Gateway Partnership

Ripple (XRP) has disclosed plans to improve its cross border payments system. The platform has also added Quant network's Overledger gateway as one of...
Ripple Unveils 'Line of Credit' Offering

Ripple Unveils ‘Line of Credit’ Offering

Top payment protocol and exchange network Ripple has announced the launch of its lending product - "Line of Credit." This product would provide clients...
Ripple Could Leave U.S. Over Regulations, Chairman Warns

Ripple Could Leave U.S. Over Regulations, Chairman Warns

In view of the United States' stance towards cryptocurrency and regulations enacted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the executive chairman of...
Ripple Unveils New Platform Xumm

Ripple Unveils New Platform Xumm

Ripple has come out with a new platform for its users. In a recent blog post on May 23, Ripple's head of developer relations,...
SBI Holdings

SBI Holdings to Use Ripple-Powered Payments

Tokyo-based financial services company, SBI Holdings has indicated its intention to deploy the Ripple payments network across Japan to make ATM access easier. SBI Holdings,...

Ripple Adds Account Termination Feature

Ripple users can now delete their account from the Ripple Lab network if they want, according to Arturo Portilla, former XRP Center manager. Portilla, in...
Ripple drags YouTube to court over crypto scams

YouTube Sued by Ripple Over Crypto Scams

Fake XRP giveaway scams are becoming a trend on the popular video-sharing social media platform, YouTube. And this has led to Ripple dragging them...

What is the Difference Between Stellar and Ripple?

Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) have very similar blockchain protocols in the crypto and blockchain space. However, despite the obvious similarities (they even share...
Ripple Labs Releases Upgraded Versions for its XRP Ledger

Ripple Labs’ XRP Ledger Upgrades

Ripple Labs has disclosed releasing new features and improvements to the XRP Ledger version 1.5.0. In the same report, they also mentioned the release...
The Big Reveal US Navy, Ripple and ''

The Big Reveal: US Navy, Ripple and ‘?’

Ripple is in the public eye once again. However, this time the reason is much more serious than its “super-fast remittance infrastructure”.  On April...