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Arbitrum and Optimism DeFi ecosystem

A Brief Look into DeFi’s Ecosystem of Arbitrum and Optimism

Ethereum layer-2 scaling took off in last year’s decentralized finance and crypto boom. Markets and activity have cooled a little now, but there are...
Arbitrum rollups

Arbitrum Speeds Up Ethereum Transactions Using Rollups

Ethereum's fame in the crypto space is almost unrivaled. This blockchain is the new destination for emerging decentralized applications (dApps). Furthermore, many users believe...

Three Reasons to Farm with Sperax Protocol on Arbitrum

Last month Sperax yield farms went live on Arbitrum. Arbitrum's TVL has grown 34.88% in the last 7 days. In this article, you will...
Top Movers on the Arbitrum Ecosystem

Top Movers on the Arbitrum Ecosystem

The Arbitrum ecosystem, over the past couple of days, has been making huge waves in the crypto market space. The Layer 2 solutions platform...
Arbitrum bridge Ethereum

How to Use Arbitrum Bridge to Transfer Tokens From the Ethereum Network to Arbitrum

Arbitrum was built by Off-chain Labs, which is considered a layer two solution for Ethereum dApps. Arbitrum bridge was designed to improve the limitations...
Solana Arbitrum

Solana and Arbitrum Suffer Simultaneous Outages

A spike in transactions has caused a major shutdown at Solana. This problem hasn't been solved at the time of writing this article. Also,...
Chainlink Off-Chain Scalability with Arbitrum

Chainlink Off-Chain Scalability with Arbitrum

Scalability, one of the main issues of smart contracts on Ethereum's blockchain, is precisely what Arbitrum off-chain solutions are looking to fix. Ed Felten,...
3 new crypto airdrops

3 Upcoming Crypto Airdrops and How to Apply to Them

Airdrops have always been a very good way to introduce the token of a project so that the community learns its types of use....
best decentralized exchanges for crypto

Top 4 Decentralized Exchanges For Crypto

There are four decentralized exchanges that caught our attention that deserve more adoption than they already have. One of them has an 88% APY...
kyberswap partners w lido finance

KyberSwap Announces New Partnership With Lido Finance

KyberSwap and Lido Finance previously partnered to bring stMATIC and wstETH liquidity on Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. And that partnership has so far proven...