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9 Important Crypto News of April

9 Important Crypto News Stories of April 2023

Crypto is always busy, and a lot has happened in April. The market had some form of stability as Bitcoin breached the crucial $30,000...
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Top Crypto News: 1/31 – Binance SAFU Now Worth $1Billion

Crypto bullish trends are still a myth. Focus is still majorly the U.S. Federal Reserve. Any sign of inflation or interest rate hikes would...

Top Crypto News: 1/28 – ETH Hashrate Records New All-Time High (ATH)

The world's foremost cryptocurrency Bitcoin bypasses ‘sub-$30,000 liquidity grab’ showing that we could expect better price action in coming weeks. While the ‘King Crypto’...

Top Crypto News: 1/26 – ETH 2 Revamps as Consensus Layer

Very few changes have taken place in the cryptocurrency marketplace this week. As part of today’s top crypto news, Bitcoin is showing some form of...
Top Crypto News: 1/24 - Solana Goes Down Again

Top Crypto News: 1/24 – Solana Goes Down Again

The entire crypto space is in uncertain times. Crypto prices are further down the charts, and there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and...

Top Crypto News: 1/21 – Metastrike Partners With Kucoin Labs

The cryptocurrency space is currently still experiencing huge bearish movements. Investors are on the sidelines watching and waiting. As part of today's crypto news, Bitcoin...
Top Crypto News 1-20

Top Crypto News: 1/19 – Opera Launches Web 3 Browser

This new week has brought very few changes to the entire cryptocurrency space, with a lot of sideways trading in the market. As part of...

Top Crypto News: 1/17 – Cardano Daily Transaction Vol Surpasses Ethereum

There’s been a lot of sideways trading in the crypto space in recent times. Bitcoin has been trying to stay above the $40,000 price...
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Top Crypto News 1/14 – OKEx NFT Platform To List GamesPad NFTs

There has been a slight price increase in the entire cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin is currently trading at $43,261 which is good news considering last...
Top Crypto news Moonbeam Now on Polkadot

Top Crypto News: 1/12 – Moonbeam Now on Polkadot

There’s been a slight increase in crypto prices over the last 24-hours. Bitcoin is up by 4.69% and is also currently trading at $43,824.17....