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THORwallet defi

New Updates on the THORWallet DEX

The THORWallet DEX team always keeps themselves busy. They are on a mission. Generating more value for their TGT token is part of this...

What Happened on the Maiar DEX?

The Maiar DEX lives on the Elrond layer 1 blockchain. In early June 2022, the Maiar DEX and Elrond became part of an attack....
The Graph

What Is The Graph, Indexing Blockchain Data

We refer to The Graph also as the Google of the blockchain. It started in 2017 out of frustration by the lack of tools...
THORwallet defi

3 Ways How THORWallet DEX Is Building for Mass Adoption

THORWallet keeps building to give more value to their TGT token. This noncustodial DEX doesn't get tired at all but keeps moving forward. And...

SubQuery Extends its Indexing Solution to the Terra Ecosystem

SubQuery recently announced its expansion into the Avalanche ecosystem. The platform has however made another move, this time involving Terra. SubQuery has expanded its...
Polkadex review

Polkadex Wins Parachain Auction 16

Polkadex has the goal of being the best p2p DeFi exchange across chains. They built their exchange on Substrate and like Polkadot's pledge of...
Merged Finance Introduction

Meet Merged Finance. Offering a crypto index investment option.

Today we introduce Merged Finance. They offer a diverse and solid portfolio to invest in. Furthermore, they do this by representing the underlying assets...
Polkadex review

Polkadex Parachain Auction #14 Update

The auction for Polkadot parachain #14 finished. This is the auction that Polkadex participated in. Each auction lasts for a week. A nice touch...

Osmosis, the Most Popular DEX on Cosmos

In less than a year, Osmosis made it to the top spot of Cosmos DEXs list. They are also the first DEX that enabled...

Polkadex Is in the Race for a Polkadot Parachain

The Polkadot parachain for the Polkadex crowdloan auction is now at the third batch. As the auction went live again, the PDEX rewards saw...