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fantom beginners guide part 2

A Beginner’s Guide to Fantom Part 2

Transaction fees and transaction speed are two of the major problems of older blockchains. However, newer platforms like Fantom have found ways to resolve...
fantom beginner's guide part 1

A Beginner’s Guide to Fantom Part 1

Ethereum is easily the biggest blockchain, aside from Bitcoin. But for many years, Ethereum users complained about the high cost of transactions and low...
Top 3 Fantom Wallets

Top 3 Fantom Wallets

Fantom is a popular Layer 1 blockchain in the DeFi space. This means non-custodial wallets, where you are in control of your assets. There...
top decentralized exchanges in fantom

Best 3 Decentralized Exchanges in Fantom

Fantom is a layer 1 blockchain that has been around since 2018. It's a platform that is active in the DeFi space. According to...
Hector dai atblantica NFT marketplaces in fantom

Hector Network Launches its NFT Marketplace on Fantom

Hector Network has announced the launch of Atlantica, its NFT marketplace, on Fantom's blockchain. Alongside cross-chain expansion, Hector has turned its attention to the...
top 3 bridges in fantom

Top 3 Bridges in Fantom

Interoperability is key for blockchains. That's because the various blockchains need to be able to talk to each other. So, without bridges, chains would...
bridge from bnb chain to fantom with spookyswap

How to Bridge from BNB Chain to Fantom in SpookySwap

One of the main features of SpookySwap is their interoperability. They bridge to eight other networks. This includes the BNB chain. Currently, you can...
how to bridge avalanche to fantom

How to Bridge Avalanche (AVAX) to Fantom (FTM)

The importance of interoperability in the crypto space cannot be overemphasized. Hence, it's very important that we need secure bridges to boost cross-chain interoperability. Therefore,...
Fantom Liquid Staking

Fantom Liquid Staking With Stader Labs

Liquid staking is becoming a popular option and choice for stakers. It allows you to earn rewards in DeFi, on top of your staking...
Fantom in bear market

Will Fantom Survive the Bear Market?

The aftermath of Terra's downfall is still rippling across the crypto community, with altcoins struggling to recover from the May Crash. While the majority...