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bnb gas fees

Another 5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 2

This article has two parts. Here is the first one. This is Part 2 of an article series about BNB gas fees. Here’s a link...
bnb gas fees review

5 Questions About BNB Gas Fees – Part 1

Gas fees are something that we as crypto users get used to. Of course, we enjoy free or low gas fees and fast transactions....
4 ways to make transactions in binance without fees

Four ways To Deposit Crypto In Binance Without Fees

Did you know that your crypto deposit fees and trading fees are eating away at your profits? In this article, I will show you...
cronos news august week 4

Cronos Updates | Crypto.com Reduces Trading Fees | Aug W 4

Every week, we bring Cronos Chain news and updates. This week, multiple releases from Cronos ecosystem projects come around the fourth week of August. This...
Ethereum EIP-1559

2 Possible Reasons Why Ethereum Gas Fees Went So High

If you ever wanted to purchase an Ethereum-based NFT, you would have to pay a transaction fee to register it on the blockchain. That...
ETH Gas Station

Save ETH Gas Fees Using ETH Gas Station

The introduction of EIP 1559 has reduced the Ethereum Transaction Costs by a considerable amount, however, it still keeps fluctuating. Also, network congestion during...
Kyber network low cost fees

Four Ways to Save on Gas Fees With Kyber Network

Ethereum transaction fees can be a bane for anyone using the network. Therefore, many solutions have emerged over the past year or so and...
Argent Brings Ethereum Gas Fees as Low as $1

Argent Brings Ethereum Gas Fees as Low as $1

Argent, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, is planning to integrate zksync into its Layer 2 platform. The goal is to provide low-cost gas and faster...
Fuse Network Liverpool delivery

Food Delivery Fintech in Liverpool will Charge 50% Less Fees

Liverpool residents can now earn rewards while ordering food using Peepl. This is because Liverpool City Region has invested £ 700,000 in the mentioned...
Higher fees Polygon

Polygon Hikes Gas Fees 2,900% to Combat Network Spam

Polygon, the Ethereum layer two aggregators, has decided to increase transaction fees to fight against a current problem. According to a Polygon forum on October...