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A blockchain built completely from the ground up. At the helm is the creator of Ethereum's ERC-20 and ERC-725 standards. Lifestyle and digital fashion...
lukso review

LUKSO, The Hottest Upcoming NFT Chain

Ethereum has remained a Blue Chip blockchain for a considerable amount of time. Over time, blockchains like Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, among others, have...
LUKSO blockchain infrastructure

Optimizing Blockchain’s Infrastructure with LUKSO 16 Pre Beta Test

Since the birth of blockchain technology, it stands as one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century. Therefore, blockchain infrastructure is focused...

LUKSO Reversible ICO Goes Live

On the 27 May, the LUKSO Reversibe Initial Coin Offering (ICO) went live. This allowed investors to participate in the blockchain project. The fund from...
ULTIMATE BULLISH Altcoin Added to my 50X Crypto Portfolio

ULTIMATE BULLISH Altcoin Added to my 50X Crypto Portfolio

It’s monthly portfolio update time again. And this time I am adding a super revolutionary coin to my portfolio. Its price is already up...
Beginner's Guide of Mina Protocol

Beginner’s Guide of Mina Protocol

Size doesn't matter! How many times have you heard that? Well, sometimes it does. In this case, smaller is better. Mina Protocol has a...
50X Crypto Portfolio Update | Why I'm Adding This ONE Coin

50X Crypto Portfolio Update | Why I’m Adding This ONE Coin

It’s monthly update time for our 50x Portfolio. What a difference a month makes right? The Bitcoin and Ethereum gains are pushing the whole...
crypto investing vs trading

Crypto Investing vs Trading

Crypto investing is something you do with a long-term plan in mind. On the other hand, crypto trading is to make a quick profit...
50X Portfolio Update - Ultimate Strategy Post-FTX Crash

50X Portfolio Update – Ultimate Strategy Post-FTX Crash

That’s our highlight today. Losing but losing less. Total Return: -11.10%. Bitcoin Return: -17.22% andETH Return: -12.45%. In fact, that means we are beating...
5 altcoin gems

5 Altcoin GEMS at 90% Discount

Bear markets make you rich. Bull markets tell you just how much. So, some of the best projects in crypto are down 90% and...