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LUNA and UST Crisis Explained

Terra LUNA and UST Crisis Explained

LUNA nosedived 100% down in the last 30 days. Let this sink in. Luna come down from an all-time high of $119 on April...
LUNA price to cero

Why Did the Price of LUNA Go Practically to 0?

The LUNA token was a month ago, celebrating a new ATH of $119.18. Today, at the time of writing, it's worth $0.00000843 where all...
Prism protocol with LUNA tokens

Earn More With Your $LUNA Tokens on Prism Protocol

Terra ($LUNA) has been in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. Its stablecoin UST is set to unseat DAI to...
Top 5 cryptos week 15

Top 5 Weekly Altcoins: Zilliqa ZIL, Terra LUNA and More

Crypto and stock markets seem to be melting down together where most cryptos are showing a 10-20% loss. Some managed smaller losses, while some...
LunarCrush Launches LunarCrush Opinions

LunarCrush Launches a New Suite for DeFi Products: LunrFi

Our favorite social media cruncher, LunarCrush, is back. Tuesday, April 12th 2022 sees the launch of LunrFi. This new suite of DeFi products starts...
How to Farm $LOOP-$LUNA With 44% APY

How to Farm $LOOP-$LUNA With 44% APY

There are several ways to make extra cash in the crypto space other than buying a token and hoping it surges. Also, although the...
Best Luna farming strategies

5 High-Yield DeFi Farms For Terra LUNA

If you ask me, Terra Luna continues to be the number #1 ecosystem offering high-yielding DeFi opportunities and at the same time, the price...
CEX.IO Announces It Is Listing Terra (LUNA)

CEX.IO Announces It Is Listing Terra (LUNA)

Cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO has announced that it has listed LUNA, the native token of Terra’s blockchain. A few days ago, one of the oldest crypto...
Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol: DeFi Money Machine on Terra LUNA

From a bullish perspective, things seem very boring right now. FUDs aside, what should a smart investor be doing right now? The answer is...
LUNA Price Prediction

Luna Foundation Guard will Burn 4 Million LUNA

The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has now voted to burn another massive amount of LUNA tokens from its fund, which will happen soon. The Luna...