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4 Important FAQs About the Upland Metaverse

Upland has turned our real-life world into a virtual world. Here, you can buy land and build your dream house. It's a metaverse that...

An Overview of Today’s Metaverse Games

If you've watched the movies "Ready Player One" or "Avatar" before, you would have experienced the idea of a Metaverse game. In both movies,...
questions about metaverse gaming

Metaverse: FAQs About Metaverse Gaming

The metaverse is one of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain world. This virtual universe has already grasped the attention and interest of...
Hell’s Kitchen Enters the Metaverse in The Sandbox

Hell’s Kitchen Enters the Metaverse in The Sandbox

The Sandbox's new agreement with ITV Studios will allow the creators to welcome Gordon Ramsay and his iconic television show, Hell's Kitchen, to their...
Cronos updates august week 3

Cronos Updates | Crodex Expands Metaverse Hub | August Week 3

We provide news and updates on the Cronos Chain every week. This week, several updates from Cronos ecosystem initiatives occur around the third week...
Introducing OMA3

All About the Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3)

Despite the crypto bear market we're in today, the metaverse ecosystem is still thriving. Venture capitalists (VCs) continue their funding, and developers continue building....
Why Is the Otherside Metaverse Pumping?

Why Is the Otherside Metaverse Pumping?

Activity surrounding Otherside metaverse is increasing. It looks like a lot of good stuff is taking place. The positive vibes and the excitement is...
metaverse politic use case

Why The Czech Republic Presidential Candidate Wants to Enter The Metaverse?

Karel Janeček, one of the presidential candidates for the upcoming elections in the Czech Republic, will conduct his campaign in the Metaverse. The 48-year-old Czech...
How Banks Can Profit from the Metaverse

How Banks Can Profit from the Metaverse

The banking industry has been a key part of our world for over a century. Although there have been improvements, the banking sector remains...
pillars of the metaverse

The 5 Pillars of the Metaverse

We can compare the growth of the metaverse with that of the internet. At first, back in the nineties, there was a lot of...