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Ethereum Classic Unveils Open-Source Substitute To Infura, Ethercluster

The Ethercluster project is an open-source alternative to Infura for Ethereum Classic and also other ETH-based networks.  The tweet reads: “New open-source alternative to #Infura...
how to create nfts on opensea

How to Create NFTs on Opensea

NFTs are a huge part of the crypto ecosystem. Throughout 2021, NFTs were responsible for half the people that adopted the industry. Although trade...
nft news august week 2

NFT News | OpenSea’s Daily Volume is Increasing | August Week 2

With Wednesday's positive reaction to CPI data, the NFT market saw liquidity coming into the space. However, we must not forget that although the...
Introducing OMA3

All About the Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3)

Despite the crypto bear market we're in today, the metaverse ecosystem is still thriving. Venture capitalists (VCs) continue their funding, and developers continue building....
OpenSea Seaport migration

Why Opensea Moved To Seaport Protocol?

Opensea has moved to Seaport Protocol which promises to reduce gas fees on the platform by around 35% a year. The largest NFT marketplace, Opensea,...
BNB Chain news 2nd week June 2022

BNB Chain Updates | OpenOcean and Brave Collaborate| June Week 2

There are several updates every week in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Therefore, Altcoin Buzz covers some of the updates from the second week in June to...
DeFi funds sources

Three Fund Sources of DeFi Protocols

DeFi manages financial transactions using cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology. Therefore, DeFi intends to democratize finance by replacing old, centralized institutions with peer-to-peer connections. These...
Openocean trading profits

OpenOcean: Top Uses of the $OOE Token

OpenOcean is a comprehensive liquidity aggregator that works with both decentralized and centralized exchanges. OpenOcean scans through different DEXes and CEXes for the most...
Vesper Finance pools in avanche

Vesper Finance Opens Their Grow Pools on Avalanche

Vesper Finance added new pools to their platform. Welcome the Grow Pools on Avalanche. Cross-chain at work once again. You only need to deposit...
Openocean trading profits

Get Higher Trading Profits with OpenOcean and Terra

In partnership with Terra, users can now trade optimized returns on Terra-based tokens executed by OpenOcean. Find out all details about this competition in...