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Solana Pay

Solana Pay Will be The Leader In Crypto Payment Solutions?

Solana, “The Ethereum killer” just launched Solana Pay. It is a peer-to-peer decentralized payment platform with intends to expand its ecosystem. As a result,...

Tectum Advancing Bitcoin Payments & More

Bitcoin has recently been on a tear recently. Over the last 30 days, it went up by 32.6%. Since Bitcoin is the crypto OG,...
Why is Solana being adopted instead of the Lightning Network for payments?

Why is Solana Adopted Instead of Lightning Network for Payments?

While Bitcoin remains the poster child of the crypto world, it's Solana that's been making waves recently. Especially when it comes to centralized enterprise...
4 Solutions For Closed Bank Accounts By Crypto Withdrawals

4 Solutions For Closed Bank Accounts By Crypto Withdrawals

As the power and control of money shift away from traditional institutions, banks are desperately attempting to resist the inevitable changes. An increasing number...

SEC Shakedown: 4 Solutions For US Crypto Investors

Crypto is under attack in the US. And although as the saying goes “the horse is out of the barn”, the US Government and...

Stripe is Back in Crypto Payments

Payment on ramps and offramps in crypto are a constant challenge. While governments can't shut crypto down, they can make it more difficult for...
Bifinity crypto payment

3 Reasons Why Bifinity Can Lead the Fiat-Crypto Payment Sector

To open up the crypto world to more users, fiat-to-crypto payments should be easy. User-friendly is the key word. Binance, one of the leading...
Best Ethereum Layer 2 Solutions

The Best 6 Ethereum Layer 2 Solutions

  Despite being six years old today, Ethereum, in all its glory, is still facing issues like scalability and pocket-burning gas fees. The network can...
What Is PlasmaPay? The Global Blockchain Payments System - Part II

What Is PlasmaPay? The Global Blockchain Payments System – Part II

In the previous part of this series, we have explained the different types of accounts, user levels, and various features supported by the PlasmaPay...
Are There Any Possible Ethereum Gas Fee Solutions?

3 Solutions to the high Ethereum Gas Fee

The Ethereum gas fee actually became a choke point for ETH traders last week. As the average transaction fees soared to $15.29 on September...