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secret network summit

Secret Summit 2022 – State of the Secret Network

Since the launch of the Secret Network in 2020, this Cosmos chain started to revolutionize the web3 industry by being the first mainnet blockchain...
what is the secret network

What Is Secret Network? Part 1

Secret Network is an interoperable blockchain. As the name implies, it offers privacy. Developers can build dApps with encrypted privacy. This allows for greater...
secret network review

What is Secret Network? Part 2

User privacy has become one of the trending conversations since the internet age expanded. Web2 companies, such as Face, Google, etc, have been accused...
Top Crypto News April week 4 2022

Crypto Events | Secret Network Shockwave Upgrade | April Week 4 (P.2)

The crypto space has continued to experience exponential growth globally. To keep our readers informed we have compiled some top upcoming crypto events. These...
Duplex Finance stablecoin invest

How Are Secret Network and KeyTango Powering Stablecoin’s Potential?

The Secret Network blockchain is the first to provide data privacy by default. Meanwhile, KeyTango is a DeFi platform that makes people can invest in it very easily. These companies have developed Duplex Finance together.  But, why...
data privacy secret network

3 Things You Need to Start Using Secret Network: A Truly Data Privacy Blockchain

According to CoinGecko, in the last 12 months, the Secret Network's native token, $SCRT, has grown 1000%. This project has achieved $1 billion in...
Secret Network - Cosmos partnership

3 Benefits From the Secret Network – Cosmos Partnership

Secret Network, a privacy-first blockchain network, collaborates with Cosmos ($ATOM) to join the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol. The protocol is commonly called the IBCGang. Secret...
Secret network mainnet

Secret Network Mainnet Updates to Secret-3

Secret Network is the first and currently the only privacy-preserving decentralized smart contract platform in the ecosystem. However, the platform has launched its latest...
Secret Network (SCRT) | Terra - Partner to Improve DeFi Privacy

Secret Network (SCRT) | Terra – Partner to Improve DeFi Privacy

Secret Network (SCRT), a privacy-first blockchain protocol that provides data privacy, has announced a strategic partnership with Terra. The partnership is aimed at providing programmable...
Secret Network (SCRT) Secret BSC Bridge Live On The Mainnet

Secret Network (SCRT) Secret BSC Bridge Live On The Mainnet

The much-anticipated Secret BSC Bridge is now live on privacy-focused blockchain, Secret Network (SCRT). The Secret BSC Bridge will strategically increase the number of supported...