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Outstanding Solana NFTs You Shouldn’t Miss!

NFTs are a scam? NFTs are dead?  Relax, they are pranks by Bobby Hundreds, the man behind the Adam Bomb Squad collection. Last year,...
3 SUPER CHEAP Solana NFTs That Can Make You RICH!

3 SUPER CHEAP Solana NFTs That Can Make You RICH!

Solana made a massive comeback post FTX contagion. And so did Solana NFT sales. Currently, Solana NFTs are part of the second biggest NFT...
cheap solana nfts

SUPER CHEAP Solana NFTs That Can Make You RICH

Let me make it clear, Solana is not FTX. It's true that SBF was an angel investor in Solana. So, the demise of FTX,...
Solana NFTs

Solana NFTs to Launch on OpenSea

In a tweet by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong the other day, OpenSea looks to be integrating Solana NFTs into their platform soon. https://twitter.com/wongmjane/status/1486072506532626432 This tweet...
Solana Monkey Business NFT

Solana Monkey Business: Kings of SOL NFTs?

When talking about Blue-chip collections on Solana, NFT traders' minds usually go to Solana Monkey Business. Solana Monkey Business (SMB) is a collection of 5000...
The SLP-20 Token Standard, A Paradigm Shift for Solana

SPL-20 Inscriptions, A Paradigm Shift for Solana

This groundbreaking token standard brings a new level of versatility and efficiency to the Solana ecosystem. Opening doors to a myriad of possibilities for...
Will Solana Ever See $250 Again?

Will Solana (SOL) Ever See $250 Again?

The comeback kid! Indeed, Solana is currently on most people's lips. Now, everybody's also talking about Bitcoin's current run. During the last 30 days,...
EXPLOSIVE Solana GEMS!! Don't Miss These 3 SOL Altcoins

EXPLOSIVE Solana GEMS!! Don’t Miss These 3 SOL Altcoins

Unbelievably bullish! Solana will 100X by 2030. That’s VanEck’s bold prediction for SOL. But SOL will not enjoy this 10,000% rally alone. Along with SOL,...

Solana Dapps Blocked in the UK

Regulation in crypto is coming. We can already see real-life situations develop. One of the latest samples occurred in the UK. Two big Solana...

Messari’s report: How was Solana in Q3-2023? Part 2

Solana is a blockchain platform designed to host decentralized and scalable applications. In addition, Solana processes a vast amount of transactions within a short...