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theta wallet review part 2

Theta Wallet Beginner’s guide – Part 2 

This is Part 2 of our 2-part series on Theta wallet. In Part 1 we covered four popular questions about this wallet. In Part...
theta wallet review

Theta Wallet Beginner’s guide – Part 1

The Theta network offers solutions to issues in the traditional video streaming space. For this, Theta network uses blockchain technology. The Theta team also...

Will Theta Network Be A Decentralized YouTube?

The video streaming landscape is massive. YouTube is a prime example, and you can make good money as a creator there. But what if...
top 3 theta wallets

Top 3 Theta Wallets

Earlier last month, Theta launched its long-awaited Metachain. With this, creators can now create their own subchains. In turn, a whole new paradigm of...
Introduction to Thetan Arena

An Introduction to Thetan Arena

In today's digital world, online video games are a big business. This is especially true for Gen Z and younger audiences. If you're doubtful,...

How to Play Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a very popular play-to-earn blockchain game that boasts more than 24M players since its launch. It became one of the top...
Theta mainnet 4.0

Theta Metachain Goes Live With a New Mainnet 4.0 in Q4, 2022

Theta is revolutionizing video streaming. They want to reduce the content delivery costs of networks. Theta does this with a network of shared content....
Cosmos Theta Upgrade

Cosmos Theta Upgrade Quietly Goes Live Boosting Interoperability

The Cosmos blockchain deployed a long-awaited upgrade called Theta last week. The move aims to increase interoperability between different blockchain networks. The Cosmos Theta upgrade...
Theta network nft video streaming

How is Theta Network Integrating NFTs with Video Streaming?

Theta is one of the blockchains with astonishing growth. Its TVL increased by 87% in the past week. Although Theta's network has seen recent...
Thetan Arena Sets Active Player Record

Thetan Arena Sets Active Player Record

Just 15 days after release, Thetan Arena is the new talk of the internet. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) play-to-earn project Thetan Arena announced that they...