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Staking BTC on Trader Joe

How to Stake BTC on Trader Joe to Get 62% APR

Avalanche recently added support for Bitcoin in its native cross-chain bridge. Since its launch in August of last year, the Avalanche Bridge has made...
Trader Joe

Trader Joe : Why Yield Optimizers Are Fighting for Joe or veJOE Tokens

You have probably heard about the Joe Wars for quite some time now. So, if you’ve been wondering what it’s all about, this article...
Trader Joe

Top Stable Farms on Trader Joe

Farming in crypto is one of the best ways to earn extraordinary rewards in the blockchain and crypto space. Also, one of the best...
veJOE farming yields

veJOE Offers Boosted Farming Returns in Trader Joe

There are many ways to earn yields with decentralized finance but one that has emerged recently is using veJOE. It is part of the...

Benqi Overtakes Trader Joe With Highest TVL of AVAX Apps

Avalanche is one of the leading blockchain networks. However, it is also the most competitive. Several high-performing projects have launched on Avalanche, and each...
Trader Joe

Earn Big Returns on Farming Stablecoins with Trader Joe

Tokens used to power centralized and decentralized exchanges have been among the top performing cryptocurrencies in the past year. This trend may continue in...
TraderJoe decentralized exchange

How To Use The Lend And Stake Feature Of The Trader Joe Platform

The TraderJoe platform is an all-in-one platform in the Avalanche network that helps users with many Defi activities. We are covering the working of...
TraderJoe trading avalanche

How To Swap And Add Liquidity Into The TraderJoe Platform

TraderJoe is a decentralized trading platform based on the Avalanche network. The platform offers DEX services along with Defi lending. Therefore, users can swap,...
How to Earn USDC Staking sJOE

How to Earn USDC Staking sJOE

The Trader Joe protocol is slowly but steadily building a solid DeFi reputation. Currently, they offer three different staking options. They call them "modular...
Top 3 Altcoins in Avalanche AVAX Ecosystem

Top 3 Altcoins in Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem

Remember Solana, Avalanche, and Luna from the last bull run? Luna took a tumble during the bear market, but Solana and Avalanche? They're still...