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what is the trezor wallet

What is The Trezor Wallet? Part 2

Security was one of the core reasons why blockchain technology became appealing alongside cheap cross-border payments. However, security remains a great concern for crypto...
trezor wallet review

What is the Trezor Wallet? Part 1

Crypto users have become more aware of the concept of crypto wallets since the FTX collapse. Asides from storing your crypto and helping you...
Top cardano news may week 4

Cardano Updates | Trezor Supports Cardano Smart Contract | May Week 4

After every week, there are updates in the Cardano ecosystem. Therefore, Altcoin Buzz covers some updates from the fourth week in May to keep readers informed. During...
Kraken Has Hacked Trezor's Hardware Wallet

Oh-Oh! Kraken Has Just Hacked Trezor’s Hardware Wallet

Kraken has bad news for those who like Trezor. It has revealed that it had no problem hacking the company's hardware wallet. Great news for...
Monero Integrates Trezor Model T

Monero Integrates Trezor Model T

It's with great joy that Monero announces the much-anticipated integration of Trezor Model T. According to a blog post, Trezor Model T is now functional...
top 5 safest defi wallets

Top 5 DeFi Wallets To Keep Your Crypto SAFE!

FTX is a cruel reminder of “Not Your Keys not Your Crypto”. But many of us keep assets on the exchange at times. But we...
what is a non custodial wallet

What Is a Non-Custodial Wallet? Part 2

Non-custodial wallets are currently the safest crypto wallets available. You keep control over the keys. Not your keys, not your coins. This is Part...
what is the polygon wallet

What Is a Polygon Wallet? Part 1

Polygon is currently one of the hottest blockchains around. They keep partnering with one amazing project after the other. For example, Disney, Starbucks, Meta,...
edge wallet review

Everything You Need to Know About the Edge Wallet

The events of the last few days have made everyone more security conscious. Almost everything thought to be stable seems to be falling apart....
Best Ethereum Wallets

What are the Best Ethereum Wallets? Part 2

Once you go down the crypto rabbit hole, you will need wallets. Almost every chain has its own native wallet. However, Ethereum is one...