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Jump Trading Rescues Wormhole Hours After Hack

One of the biggest hacks in the crypto space occurred on Wednesday night. Wormhole, a renowned cross-blockchain bridge, suffered a hack worth $326M. However,...
Wormhole hack

The Wormhole hack. What Is The Future Of Cross-Chain Bridges?

Wormhole, a popular multichain bridge was recently exploited for 120,000 wETH, approximately $320 million. This is the 2nd largest hack in the last year,...
wormhole ERC-20 tokens solana

How To Transfer ERC-20 Tokens To Solana Via Wormhole Bridge

The Wormhole Token Bridge allows users to transfer assets between Solana and other major networks. The bridge was developed by Certus One, a premier...
algorand review part 2

Algorand Beginner’s Guide – Part 2

Algorand is one of the most sustainable blockchain projects. It launched in 2019 with MIT professor Silvio Micali at the helm. Their native coin...
Solana Beginners Guide - Part 2

Solana Beginners Guide – Part 2

Solana is one of the original blockchains that pundits said would kill Ethereum. While the death of Ethereum turned out to be premature, Solana...
top 3 bridges in fantom

Top 3 Bridges in Fantom

Interoperability is key for blockchains. That's because the various blockchains need to be able to talk to each other. So, without bridges, chains would...
what is sui network

An Intro to Sui Network, Part 1

The crypto space followed the recent Aptos launch closely. But what if I tell you that a new blockchain is coming up soonish? We...
kyberswap multichain integration

Kyberswap Adds New Multichain Integration

The future is multichain. We’ve said that here a jillion times by now. But it’s true. Interoperability is here to stay. And one of...
5 altcoins under $1

5 Altcoins Under $1 that can Make Millionaires in the Next Bull Run

What if I promised you a guaranteed way to find 100x crypto coins in the current bear market? I would be clearly lying.  But what...
3 Things You MUST Do To Protect Your SOL

3 Things You Must Do To Protect Your SOL

Solana’s network problems continue. For over a year there have been persistent network outages. And now, a system hack. Over 8000 wallets and $7...