AI Coins continue to pump harder. But they would not be able to do it without the infrastructure support. And one such altcoin that provides phenomenal infrastructure support is Morpheus Labs. But that’s not it. 

Web3 keeps growing. It’s like an unstoppable train, it just keeps going. As a result, there are plenty of Web2 firms that want to transition to Web3. They all want their piece of the Web3 action. However, such a transition requires in-depth knowledge of how Web3 works.  That’s where this altcoin also comes into the picture. Morpheus Labs has both the knowledge and tools to accommodate a successful transition.

That’s why Morpheus Labs sees more partnerships develop. So, it’s time to take a look at their latest news. Let’s see how this impacts their development.

1) Free Smart Contract Studio

Are you a developer, an enterprise, or a blockchain enthusiast? If so, did you ever wonder how some of these Morpheus Labs tools work? Well, here’s your chance. Morpheus Labs has now opened two of their key tools to try out for free. They allow for seamless Web3 application development. So, these two tools are:

  • Smart Contract Studio: This is part of their extensive SEED platform. This stands for Solution Environment for Enterprise Development.

It’s their blockchain-as-a-service platform. This is where you can develop Dapps and blockchain infrastructure. It’s an ideal tool to accommodate the transition into a Web3 identity. Now, smart contracts are an integral part of Web3 platforms. That’s why Morpheus Labs opened up their Smart Contract Studio for a free tryout. It’s an AI-driven tool. 

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This altcoin allows you to quickly design, create, and deploy smart contracts with ease. This Smart Contract Studio offers a user-friendly interface. You can also customize your design options. Some of its features are, for example:

  • Al-Powered Smart Contract building and testing — This AI model provides design specifications. It also automates code creation. Furthermore, you can test and deploy your Dapps on-chain.
  • Professional and community support — This offers various ready-to-use templates. On top of that, it also offers AI and Expert assistance. 
  • Integrated smart contract audit services — This has an automated smart contract verification service.
  • End-to-end solution — In a short time frame, you can run smart contracts.
2) Free Web3 Workflow Studio

This is a low-code automation platform. It integrates Web2 and Web3 applications and systems. The Workflow Studio also facilitates data exchange and interoperability. These are crucial steps in the transition process. So, even if you have no coding skills, it’s easy to use.

Once again, this Studio has AI-driven automation capabilities. Like the Smart Contract Studio. It also offers options for advanced interoperability. Here are some of the Workflow features:

  • Pre-built Workflow Nodes — Fast-track the transformation into Web3.
  • Ready-made templates — Currently 27 templates. For example, an ERC-20 token bridge, multi-sig wallet, ERC-1155 NFTs, and much more. This covers plenty of options.
  • Robust Security and Scalable Performance — Use a cloud of your choice with these features.
  • Effortless Workflow Creation — Use an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. This reduces redundancy and boosts efficiency.

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The Workflow Studio is easy to use. Here are the steps on how to use it:

  • Select a Workflow node.
  • Drag and drop nodes. Thus, creating a workflow.
  • Configure the workflow.
  • Deploy and run the workflow.

For more details about this altcoin, you can also join their Telegram group.

3) Morpheus Hub and

In early May, Morpheus Labs introduced the Morpheus Hub. This is a state-of-the-art business collaboration hub. This should speed up Web3 technology adoption. It offers a powerful low-code AI suite. Morpheus Labs already has powerful collaborations with some industry leaders. These are top-tier investors and partners. For instance, think of players like:

  • Huawei Cloud.
  • Tencent Cloud.
  • Ant Group.
  • AWS.
  • Alibaba Cloud.

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The idea behind this hub is to advance adoption. Morpheus Labs looks at three main initiatives for this:

  1. Resource sharing.
  2. Co-marketing.
  3. Joint development initiatives.

Now, with Cloft, the Morpheus Hub has its first customer. This is a curated travel and lifestyle guide.  For example, they offer a unique read-and-earn (RAE) feature. Or how about a contribute-and-earn (CAE) option? So, as you can see, a real Web3 vision. You get involved and can earn by taking part on their platform.

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That’s how Morpheus Labs positions itself as the market leader for Web3 transformation. The Morpheus Hub is a great addition to everything else that Morpheus Labs offers.

4) Morpheus Labs X ICP

Morpheus Labs partnered with the ICP (Internet Computer) hub in Singapore. This is part of the Olympus Accelerator Program. This partnership is aimed at Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. The DFINITY Foundation is behind the Olympus Accelerator Program. They are a major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain. 

The program has $15 million in funds available. It’s a decentralized global acceleration platform. The program is open-sourced and aims to support and scale innovative blockchain projects. This includes start-ups among all categories. 

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Projects will receive resources, mentorship, and funding. This should encourage their development, and allow for a market entry. Morpheus Labs sees an option to onboard more projects. This includes using their trademark AI-powered, low-code solutions. Here’s the application form.

5) Morpheus Labs Roadmap

Morpheus Labs is fulfilling its 2024 roadmap. Their motto is:

  • Cloud First.
  • AI First.
  • Low Code. 

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I already covered their main products that are currently on a free trial offer. Here’s a quick reminder, these are their:

  • Smart Contract Studio — An AI-driven tool to quickly design, create, and deploy smart contracts.
  • Web3 Workflow Studio — A low-code automation platform. It integrates Web2 and Web3 applications and systems. 

Furthermore, there are also their:

  • Web3 Web Studio. 
  • AI model and knowledge graph for Web3. This includes the AI-powered Smart Contract and the Workflow Studios. It also includes their AI-powered Collaborative Development Environment (CDE). Individuals and teams can work at the same time in remote environments on a project. 

So, this brings me to the end of this Morpheus Labs news update. Let me know if you would like to try the free trials on offer for Morpheus Labs. I like to hear your plans, so drop a comment below.


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