3 DOMINANT Crypto Altcoins For May

The 4 weeks of April have been crazy. We had a massive Arbitrum token airdrop. The US Government growing more openly hostile to crypto. And AI seems to be taking over everything. So, a lot has happened.

But in all the chaos and hype, we have been trying to identify altcoins and trends that might make us some money. So, what coins could do that for us in May? Stick around and find out.

Coin 1: Gains Network

Arbitrum is still a hot topic in crypto. And aside from the ARB token, most of the hype goes next to GMX. It’s understandable why. It’s a great protocol. Furthermore, it has many users and generates plenty of fees.

But GMX is not the only good DeFi and trading protocol on Arbitrum. Today’s first coin, Gains Network, is another great protocol. First, they have an excellent and fast bridge connecting to Polygon, so you can move your $GNS tokens in a way that’s fast and cheap. And no bouncing to Ethereum first, either.

Next, in one of the best rates we’ve seen on stablecoins, you can deposit DAI in the GNS Vault and earn 11.2% APY. All just for providing liquidity to their trading platform. It’s like market making without having to pass the CFA exam or be an investment banker.

You can also trade not just crypto but ForEX and synthetic stocks too, at good spreads. Lots of choices and many trading pairs with the low fees you expect being on Arbitrum.

Finally, Gains has great tokenomics. Its total and circulating supply are the same at 30.4 million. That means its market value is $191 million and ~#200 of all crypto projects. There’s no token inflation to worry about and staking earns a real yield of 4.85% or 6.62% depending on if you are on the MATIC or ARB networks when you stake your $GNS.

It just seems to have everything going for it right now. Plus, it’s bounced off its bear market low of $2.65 in November but it’s almost 50% off from its high of just 2 months ago. To me, that means good price point for entry.

Do you hold any Arbitrum ecosystem coins? Which projects do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

Coin 2: Nym

Secret, which we also like, is by far the best-known privacy project on Cosmos. But it’s not the only one. In the small-cap category, we have Nym. That means you are getting in a little earlier on this one than for Secret, Mina, Monero, or other privacy projects.

Nym takes the approach of using mixnets to keep things private. A mixnet is like a decentralized VPN. But it’s better. Not only is there decentralization so you don’t have to trust the network operator. Everything including the broadcast of transactions is private. And with 3 levels of encryption.

Another unique feature, and they say it right on their website, is that NYM’s native token is NOT a general purpose or payment crypto like Bitcoin or ATOM or ETH. The token’s purpose is ONLY to support the NYM network. So buying, holding, staking, and other things to help keep the privacy network secure are NYM’s only purpose.

So if you are a privacy lover, this is a great place to put your money where your values are. The NYM token has a current circulating supply of 395 million and a total supply of 1 billion. So almost 40% of the total is out there in the market.

At its current price of 20c, it has a market value of $82.7 million. Like I said, it’s early on this one. Most central excahnge carry NYM with Bitget and Huobi having the biggest volumes. But it’s NOT available yet on Binance or Coinbase. You can also buy on Uniswap.

Coin 3: AGIX

Our 3rd and last coin for today is AGIX. Singularity’s goal is to bring decentralized AI to the masses through blockchain. Singularity is a unique project within AI for a few reasons.

First, and maybe most important, it has by far the most advanced ecosystem of AI projects. Check out this list:

  • SIngularityDAO for crypto portfolio management.
  • Rejuve.AI to help use AI in medical research.
  • NuNet for AI in decentralized computing a la Arweave or Filecoin.
  • Mindplex for decentralized AI media platforms.

Singularity is going to have its hands in a little of everything in AI at this rate. So it’s hard to bet against them.  In fact, we have a dedicated video coming out on Singularity and its AGIX token soon.

And lastly for today, they have great tokenomics:

  • Circulating supply = 98% of total supply
  • Well off of bear market lows
  • Down 40% from recent highs in January so we can buy at a discount
  • Great liquidity and access including Gate.io and Binance

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