3 HUGELY Undervalued Altcoins For the Crypto Bull Run

When in a bull market like we are now, positive sentiment is everywhere. And it feels good, right? But, there is one aspect of investing that is MUCH tougher in bull markets.

And that’s finding undervalued projects. If everything quality is trending higher, then where do our good deals come from? Well today, we have 3 altcoins that are undervalued in comparison to what they are delivering on for customers. Let’s see who they are.

1) Secret Network

Secret Network is one of crypto’s pioneers in privacy. That conversation is changing on a couple of different levels too:

  1. People are understanding the value of privacy more. Increasing government intrusion is helping move this argument along
  2. How people think privacy is changing.

The government intrusion and/or huge centralized database companies getting more involved in our daily lives is something we don’t need to go over. It’s happening. But this second point will become more important in the future. Governments are very hostile to privacy projects. It’s obvious why.

But governments are more likely to work with a privacy project if it’s not all or nothing. All private or none private. And privacy in the real world is more of a sliding scale. Some things it’s vital to keep private. Other things are less important.

Secret conversations in this area are changing too. Enter Decentralized Confidential Computing (DeCC). With DeCC, you control your data. You decide how much of it you want public, to whom, and when. This is the way it should be.

And many of us will use it to shield our most sensitive data but keep the rest of our on-chain data public. Powered by Secret Network. Secret offers its privacy as a service to help other apps and protocols privatize part of their on-chain activity too. All with Decentralized Confidential Computing.

So it’s pretty baffling why a leading project like this has such a low market cap. After doing all this to help move privacy and data control into the limelight, the Secret Network’s market value is only $110.8 million. As a leader in such an important, hot, high-profile narrative, you would think Secret was worth at least 1 or 2 billion dollars.

But it isn’t. A 10x ROI would get you there in a project we see as lower risk than many others with 10x potential.

2) Sui

Sui has a ton of cool stuff going on. They are becoming a home for some quality airdrops. They’ve been building some great products and made lots of service upgrades that have been largely ignored by the market. Like this cool new product

And that’s good. That’s an opportunity for us. Sui just recently had their Basecamp event with some big announcements like:

  • The 1st handheld device for blockchain gaming, the SuiPlay0X1
  • Sui’s TVL in DeFi is higher than Polygon, Optimism, and Avalanche. A lot of people including us were not aware of that
  • A full day of focus on Sui’s potential as a DePIN chain, etc.

Since the bear market left town and the bull made a return, only a few Layer 1’s have been making big waves with the big ROI to go with it. And you know who we mean. Solana for memecoins. Avalanche for its subnets. Many other Layer 1’s have respectable, if more modest returns in the current market.

SUI has made a nice return of 27% in the last 3 months and 10% since the mainnet launch in May. But those who bought the dips or caught the recent low of 38c have already 4x their money.

Bitcoin and Other Layer 1s are doing a little better in the market. Yet, Sui has so much good stuff happening, that we see its value catching up with its quality offerings they have. Remember, being ignored like this when the fundamentals are strong provides one of those rare market opportunities. We can get ahead of the hype guys and traders because we see the real value here. And at just over $1.5 billion market cap, Sui is a bargain.

3) Toncoin

It seems a little silly of the thousands of crypto projects that exist that one in the top 10 could be undervalued. But it is. How else do you explain that a platform with 900 million monthly active users has a coin worth $21.9 billion?

Have you guessed who I am talking about? It’s Telegram and Toncoin. There is no crypto project on Earth with as many potential built-in customers as Toncoin. Telegram is already the home for crypto projects to talk in groups. And it’s the home for free and paid trading and advice groups. As well as trading bots like Unibot or Banana Gun.

Another area where $TON wants to lead is digital identity. Earlier this week, they launched a “voluntary proof of personhood” program for TON developers. They can earn up to 1 million $TON if they can build out a successful product that’s decentralized and on the TON blockchain.

TON is one of the few blockchains with enough clout and developer interest to make a program like this come to life. TON is one of the few besides Bitcoin, stablecoins, and a handful of other projects that can move mass adoption forward in a big way. Like by orders of magnitude.

Getting existing Telegram users to try a TON blockchain project will be far easier than taking the average person from legacy systems to more decentralized ones.

People already know, use, and respect the Telegram product, so they will likely try more products sooner. How this is not a $100 billion project or more based on 

  • All these things they do.
  • Have done.
  • How huge their market can be is just a mystery to us.



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