3 Moonshot Potential Altcoins on Cosmos ATOM

The Cosmos Ecosystem. It’s grown so much. Zones now. Almost all of these are their own independent layer 1 chains connected through Cosmos IBC. But Cosmos projects have not had a good 2024 so far.

Many are down and some are down big. But we know quality when we see it. So it means this ecosystem is a great place to go bargain hunting. Today, 3 of our favorite altcoins from within Cosmos.


First up today, we have Kujira. You know we like this one and have for a while. It’s been in our Master Portfolio for over a year. The narrative behind Kujira is real yield. Its USK stablecoin is growing slowly but well at nearly $7 million market cap. 60% of the total supply of $KUJI is staked. Users believe in the project. Add to that $KUJI is non-inflationary plus:

  • Fin is the first fully decentralized and 100% on-chain DEX while
  • Orca lets you buy liquidated assets from loans at a discount.

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Because the Kujira mission is that “everyone deserves to be a whale”. So it’s not just VCs and big investors who get access to discounted assets. We have a few Orca fans and users here at Altcoin Buzz.

KUJI Token

The $KUJI token has had a nice last 12 months doing a 2x or 100% return. Lately, though, $KUJI holders are seeing lots of red candles. Over the last 30 days, it’s down 26%. From its recent high in mid-December at $5.29, it’s down a whopping 80% to $1.55 right now.

That’s the biggest decline of the 3 projects in this article. No fundamentals are different. And other than some complaints on Crypto Twitter as to why the team is not pursuing Tier 1 exchange listings, there is no dissatisfaction with project performance either. The one thing in the market that has changed and affected Kujira is that real yield is not a hot narrative at the moment. Right now, we know that:

  • Bitcoin, L2s, and Ordinals.
  • Solana and its memecoins.
  • AI.
  • RWA.
  • DePIN.

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It is where all the hot stories are. And rotation will come. For example, Gaming, DeFi, maybe appchains, and real yield will come back into favor. That said, Kujira is a great project and at an 80% discount from 5 months ago. It’s worth a look.

2) INJ

Next, we have Injective. Injective were the hot thing for a while during the bear market. The hot narrative where it was, and still is, a leader is in appchains. What we like about appchains is that all the tradeoffs made in the blockchain trilemma are planned.

Injective’s specialty is as a financial appchain. So that means that security, speed, and scalability are important. All 3 are reasons why they built on Cosmos. And while they want to try to maintain decentralization too, financial apps need other things more. Think about if you started a trading app or a lending app.

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You’d also say the security of customer financial info and the scalability to do enough transactions so you can make money are the most important. Both are more important than decentralization, honestly. That’s despite decentralization being important to us.

INJ Token

Injective has had a nice last 12 months up 250%. That’s better than most including Bitcoin. But the last few months haven’t been so kind to $INJ holders. In the last 30 days, it’s down 7%. And that’s not much compared to most alts in the last month.

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But its recent high in mid-March was just under $52. And today, in just 2 months, it is down 50% from that level. We see no difference in fundamentals or terrible news or something to cause this big decline. So, like always, DYOR, but we think this is a good entry price for a solid project.


Last, for today, we have Osmosis. Osmosis is the top AMM and DEX in Cosmos. Some argue that because the Cosmos IBC works so well to move between chains, DEXes are less necessary.

And yes, if I wanted to move between Kujira Chain and Osmosis, I would use IBC. But if I wanted to swap ATOM for Akash for example, it’s often faster and cheaper to use Osmosis than IBC. Plus both native USDC and Axelar Bridged USDC are both available on Osmosis for those that need to work in and out of stablecoins.

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This is a huge difference-maker for many.

OSMO Token

So how has the token done recently? Overall, Osmosis $OSMO token is holding up better than many coins in the market. In the last 12 months, it’s up a respectable 37%. But after hitting a recent high of $1.96 in early January, it’s been mostly downward.

Like most alts recently. It’s down a full 75% from that January high. And yet, we see no major difference in fundamentals or performance.

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So if you have the patience to hold longer term, $OSMO is a great buy right now. You’d 2.5X just to get back to the January high.


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