Top 3 AI crypto gems

AI or Artificial Intelligence is making worldwide headlines. The crypto space is also set on fire by some AI coins. This combines two new technologies. Decentralized digital currencies that cut out all middlemen on one side. On the other side, we have computers making decisions based on data. For example, art or, as with ChatGPT, written pieces.

Combining them can give some amazing benefits. For example, improving decision-making, better risk management, efficiency increases, and improved security. AI in crypto may also have an influence on the Web3 future. For now, AI is still only a small part of the crypto market. The combined market cap is north of $2 billion. However, there’s a lot of potential. That’s why I take you down the AI rabbit hole and show you some top AI crypto projects.

1) SingularityNet (AGIX)

My first pick of AI crypto projects is SingularityNET and its AGIX token. This seems currently to be the best AI coin around. It has the best ecosystem and community. And don’t forget, this is one of our Altcoin Gems! I talk about it on a regular basis. My last video dates just a few days back. 

They want to create an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). This should come in a decentralized, democratic, and inclusive form. Currently, AI can only solve single problems. In the future, it should solve any problem. 

Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson co-founded this project back in 2017. Goertzel is the CEO and chief scientist. He’s been dabbling in AI since the mid-8-tees. Then, Hanson founded Hanson Robotics. Together, they build Singularity and its launchpad for Dapps. They’re also keen on interoperability. So, that’s a solid team.

The Singularity token, AGIX, is doing very well. During the last year, its price increased by no less than 287%. It has a market cap of $308 million. There’s a max supply of 2 billion tokens. The total supply is 1.28 billion tokens. Out of these, 1.214 billion already circulate.

Let’s move on to my next pick, OraiChain. But before that. Did you know that Bybit, our new partner, is giving out up to $30,000 in bonuses? You also stand a chance to win a new iPhone 14

2) OraiChain (ORAI)

OraiChain is an Oracle platform that connects AI with smart contracts. This is a tricky business since developer languages work with 100% accuracy. This, in contrast, with, for example, facial recognition. In smart contracts, code is the law. On the other hand, facial recognition works with percentages of accuracy.

So, being able to use OraiChain in DeFi smart contracts, will bring plenty of advantages. For example:

  • AI Oracle – This enhances smart contracts. It connects them to AI-driven APIs. This brings new and useful functionality.
  • Marketplace It connects Dapps. For example, face authentication or price predictions.
  • An AI Ecosystem – Publish and sell your AI services.
  • Staking – Stake your ORAI, secure the network, and receive rewards.
  • Crowdsourcing – A test portal before you release an AI service on the mainnet.
  • Orai DAO – ORAI token holders can take part in governance.

Orai also offers its own wallet. However, the ORAI token is an ERC-20 token, so other wallets are compatible. Orai is also part of the IBC in the Cosmos ecosystem. Here the Keplr wallet will work. ORAI is their native token. Furthermore, it’s also available as a BEP-20 token.

The current ORAI price is $3.59 with a market cap of $18.4 million. The max and total supply are 19,779,269 tokens. Only 5.1 million tokens circulate.

So, tell me, how do you like these AI crypto projects like Singularity or OraiChain? Have you ever used them or traded with their tokens? My next choice is ChainGPT.

3) ChainGPT (CGPT)

ChainGPT is one of the newer AI crypto kids on the block. It’s an AI-based chatbot that can help you with everything related to crypto or blockchain. So, it is a useful tool for developers, researchers, crypto enthusiasts, traders, scientists, and writers.

Some things it can do, include blockchain analytics, advanced AI trading, AI-generated news, code explaining, smart contract development, auditing, and AI NFT generator. So, plenty of use cases, with more to come. Currently, it’s in beta version 1.6. That’s since March 2023.

Its CGPT token is also interesting. ChainGPT is free during the beta version. However, there are also plenty of different-priced options once the main version goes live. All payments are in CGPT but, there’s also a burn mechanism. So, this is something I like, it’s a deflationary token. In other words, 50% of all income will get burned. The other 50% goes to token holders.

The current price of CPGT is $0.1539. Its market cap is only $13.1 million. The max and total supply are 1 billion tokens. Currently, there are only 86 million tokens in circulation. During Q3, we could see a drop to an $8 million market cap. This is a good entry for the CPGT token. The token has only been live since April. During the last 30 days, it increased 50% in price.

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