5 Altcoins Under $1 for the Next Leg of the Crypto Bull Run

Coins under $1 seem to attract many people. Yes, you can buy more coins compared to coins that are above $1. But there are plenty of other criteria that you should also look out for. As with any other coin, the fundamentals of a project need to be in order.

That’s why, my team and I looked for solid altcoins, whose tokens are still under $1.  During this bull run, these altcoins should go well over the $1 hurdle. So, let’s take a look and see if you already have any of these altcoins in your portfolio.

1) Gomining ($GOMINING)

My first pick from these altcoins is Gomining and its $GOMINING token. It does what the name is telling you. 1A You go mining  Bitcoin. But instead of having to install and maintain expensive hardware, you only need to own an NFT. 

So, as you can see, this way, Gomining makes mining Bitcoin as easy as it can get. Gomining owns 9 data centers around the world. These centers do the actual mining. But that’s not all, these centers have some impressive data to show for themselves. Let’s take a look:

  • 111.597 NFTs are already sold.
  • 3.943.689 amount of TH or power sold.
  • 2.362 are already mined.
  • 51.278 NFT holders.
  • 21.751 $GOMINING token holders.

Source: X

Currently, you can choose between over 950+ NFTs. Plus, an additional 2,230 on the secondary market. But now worries, there are secondary markets where you can also buy NFTs. These NFTs also come with a certain ‘power’. It should come as no surprise that a higher power equals more mining power. 

Furthermore, you can start earning the day after you buy one of the available NFTs. So, no need to wait to get your hardware set up and get underway. These NFTs represent the liquid bitcoin hash rate or LBH. What’s really nice, is the low entry cost. Their NFTs start with a price of around $30. To get started is easy. It requires four simple steps:

  • Create a Gomining account. 
  • Create your NFT miner.
  • Choose the power. The more power — the higher the return.
  • Link your BTC wallet. This allows you to receive rewards.

Source: X

In case you’re more interested in the $GOMINING token, let’s take a look at it. Its current price is $0.3339. It has a market cap of $141 million. Furthermore, all tokens already circulate, so, that’s always good to know. This looks like an easy and convenient way to get your finger in a Bitcoin mining pie!

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2) Polygon ($MATIC)

Polygon is an old friend and is the second pick from these altcoins. At Altcoin Buzz we have a soft spot for them. And remember last year for Polygon? It seems that there wasn’t a week when they weren’t in the spotlight. Big news announcements kept following each other up. 

Source: X

Well, that has quieted down a bit. As a result, $MATIC is still under $1. The current price is $0.7502. That’s 74% away from its ATH, in December 2021. The ATH was at $2.92. We may well see similar or better prices again.  That’s because Polygon still has plenty to offer. So, let’s take a look:

  • Changing from $MATIC to $POL. You can use this new token for all Polygon chains.
  • Rebranding of their network ecosystem to Polygon 2.0. This means new chains, besides the existing PoS chain.
  • zkEVM — uses zk-roll-ups, transactions are at low cost.
  • Miden — offers privacy-preserving Dapps.

Source: X

The Ethereum Dencun upgrade may give a 2x to 5x reduction in transaction fees. So, plenty of exciting news is playing out at Polygon. Everything seems set for a positive bull run for Polygon and its ecosystem.

3) Ondo Finance ($ONDO)

The third of these altcoins is Ondo Finance. It wants to bridge the gap between TradFi and blockchain technology. It wants to bring DeFi yields within reach of everyone.  It does this by creating risk-isolated and fixed-yield loans. Furthermore, it backs these loans with yield-generating crypto assets.

But that’s not all. Ondo also mingles in the tokenization of RWAs or real-world assets. For example, it has its own stablecoin, $USDY. It also offers $OUSG. This gives you exposure to US treasuries, however, on-chain.

Source: X

Ondo also has its own Flux Protocol. This is their lending and borrowing marketplace for stablecoins. You lend stablecoins and receive fStables. In turn, you can use these fStables in the DeFi space. Their $ONDO token governs this protocol. Besides these two tokens, it also has its native $ONDO token. This launched in January this year. Its current price is $0.8811. It has a marketcap of $1.2 billion. 

However, out of their 10 billion tokens, only 1.4 billion circulate. Nonetheless, its current price is only 16% away from its ATH. It reached this in March. Ondo seems to continue marching forward and upward. It makes me wonder how long $ONDO will break the $1 barrier again.

4) Oasis Network ($ROSE)

With Oasis Network, we move into privacy. The fourth of these altcoins is a Layer 1 chain that also uses AI. Oasis has already been around since December 2020. It’s a very scalable chain that’s also interoperable.

It also has a layered architecture. By that, I mean that it has two main architectural components:

  • A consensus layer — It uses PoS for consensus. This layer is also scalable and offers high throughput. Decentralized validator nodes run this layer.
  • The ParaTime layer (Compute Layer) – These are independent computing environments. It’s the second layer of the network, and it exists in parallel. 5 Anybody can build these ParaTime layers. It’s flexible and allows devs to run either EVM or WASM virtual machines. They can also design them as permissioned or permissionless systems. As a result, they offer a balance between privacy, performance, and security.

The current $ROSE price hovers around $0.10. Its market cap is $602 million. The token is 63% up over the last year. However, it’s still 83% down on its ATH of $0.5973, from over two years ago. So far, L1 chains and privacy haven’t gone ballistic yet. Maybe that’s about to change soon.

5) Golem ($GLM)

Golem brings us to DePIN and computing power. It works like other successful projects that rent out GPU. For example, Render or Akash. Anyone with excess GPU power can rent it out and get rewards for doing so. 

So, if you want to develop dApps on Golem, you need the $GLM token. This allows you to pay for the extra GPU you need. You will also need $MATIC to pay for gas fees. As you may know, AI is one of the verticals that is in constant need of GPU. In other words, there will be a continuous demand for GPU. 

Many times when I talked about DePIN, I also mentioned the DePIN flywheel. This crypto sector looks like it won’t stop growing anytime soon. Golem has been around since 2017. Recently, it renamed its token to $GLM. 

Source: X

The current $GLM price is $0.53. It has a market cap of $537 million. All its tokens already circulate. It’s currently 71% away from its $1.32 ATH, from 7 years ago. With DePIN and AI being on fire, I can see this project take off. Do you already own tokens of today’s projects? If so, let me know which one in the comments and what you like about the project.



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