6 ways to generate crypto daily income for free

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Right now, there are a lot of opportunities to earn crypto daily income. Let’s look into six ways to generate passive income from DeFi without hassle.

What is DePIN?

DePIN was causing a buzz last year with the introduction of lots of protocols and utilities. It has a high chance of doing huge numbers. Many crypto investors are already positioned in DePIN and waiting to gain from it. So, what’s DePIN all about?

DePIN is the short form for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. To get rewards, people can contribute physical resources like energy, transport, and wireless connectivity. It would make it more decentralized through the power of the blockchain. The total market cap of DePIN is $30 Billion. You are still early. We made a list of six projects you could look into to get you in early. Here are six DePIN projects you should look into:

1) Wicrypt

Wicrypt is a decentralized internet access network. Here, you share your data connection at any rate and earn $WNT. $WNT is Wicrypt Network’s token and is currently trading for $0.09 with a market cap of $3.9 million. The wicrypt team raised $2.03 million in investments. They got support from Emergent Entertainment and AU21 Capital.  

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Wicrypt integrates Blockchain technology and DAOs. It inspires users to provide internet connections and get rewards for it. So, you share your hotspot and earn it instead of turning it on without getting any rewards. With Wicrypt, your internet connection can get you $WNT.

You can also create your hotspot network and get your rewards in $WNT. The fantastic thing about all this is that you can manage your data and track data usage. The $WNT you receive goes into your wallet whenever people use your hotspot. This is what you can to do to get started:

  • Install the application.
  • Set up your account by following the set-up guidelines.
  • Start sharing your data.
  • Receive $WNT.
  • Increase your rewards by staking your $WNT.
2) U2U Network

U2U network is a promising DePIN project. It supports high-performance, decentralized applications and infrastructure. It leverages technology to offer low latency, high throughput, and scalability. U2U network supports unlimited scalability. It is the perfect choice for many real-world applications and services.

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The U2U network is helpful for DePIN. Its high scalability makes it ideal for DePINs in transport, energy, and wireless connectivity. The U2U team has been working hard to upgrade their leading network to be more user-centric. How can you take advantage of the U2U network? You need to:

  • Register here.
  • Complete a few quests and receive $U2U.
  • Complete other easy tasks.
  • Check for new tasks to increase your earning points.

Note that the $U2U price is not available yet. 

3) Ocean Protocol

Ocean protocol allows businesses and individuals to monetize their data. What happens here is that you earn by exchanging data and data-related services. Ocean Protocol raised $39 million during its ICO phase. The team did a great job by pulling this weight up. So, here’s the deal. You can earn $OCEAN token. $OCEAN is currently trading at $0.90 with a market cap of $587 million.

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To earn ocean, you need to perform specific tasks:

  • Visit here.
  • Look for the “Earn” tab.
  • Check if the quest is on.
  • If it is on, complete the task.
  • Compete to get a chance at winning 37,500 $OCEAN tokens.

Easy right?

We will get to the remaining three ways to make money daily in the second part of this article. Ensure you look into the three methods we discussed and use them.


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