6 ways to generate crypto daily income for free

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Here are other 3 ways to earn crypto daily income without investing.

1) Gaimin

Gaimin allows gamers to earn rewards by contributing their unused GPU power. Gamers usually have beneficial GPU powers, so Gaimin uses this power to boost its data processing speed. Gamers get to earn rewards (passive income) by contributing their GPU. They can use the rewards to buy in-game assets for a better gaming experience. Gamers can also convert the rewards to other currencies.

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So, you earn by playing games. Over 300,000 gamers support Gaimin and its innovative way of giving rewards for unused GPU power. During Gaimin’s IDO, the team worked hard and raised $1.79 million. How can you start earning? You need to:

  • Download and install the Gaimin app on your PC.
  • Create an account with Gaimin.
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Play your way to rewards.
  • Receive $GMRX as your reward for participation.

$GMRX is currently at $0.004 with a market cap of $4.77 million. 

2) WiFi Map

WiFi Map provides global internet access and other lifestyle-related services to users. The WiFi map lets you access free WiFi hotspots in over 200 countries. You also get data packages for seamless internet connectivity in over 85 countries. Traveling with new SIM cards is unnecessary whenever you move to different countries.

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Offline maps are also available. WiFi map also protects your privacy with its Secure VPN. You also get a $WIFI wallet. So, how can you earn from the WiFi map? To earn from WiFi map, you need to:

  • Visit here.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Create an account.
  • Take part in all the quests on the page.
  • By doing so, you get $WIFI tokens.

$WIFI is currently at $0.07, with a market cap of $21.7 million. WiFi map’s team raised $1.60 million in their IDO phase.

3) Streamr Network

Streamr Network is a data streaming platform. You can earn $DATA tokens by running nodes on the network to boost its security. To earn $DATA tokens, you need to:

  • Visit this site.
  • Register to get started.
  • Complete tasks.
  • Earn $DATA tokens.
  • Check for more tasks to perform to increase your earnings.

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$DATA is currently at $0.06 with a market cap of $46.5 million. Streamr Network’s team raised $27 million in their ICO phase. Streamr Network supports applications like live video streaming, metaverse experiences, and monetization. For identity and payments, Streamr Network works with the Ethereum blockchain.


The six ways to generate daily income discussed in this article will set you on the right foot for earning passive income. You do not need to only depend on airdrops and gigs to raise liquidity for other activities. You can use these DePIN sources to generate revenue by following the procedures in this article.


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