winr protocol review part 2

This is Part 2 of our beginner’s guide to WINR Protocol. You can find a link to PART 1 here. In this second part, we will answer a few more popular questions about the WINR Protocol. Since it’s DeFi, there’s no KYC for the games.

So, let’s dig into WINR Protocol and see what’s cooking there.

WINR Protocol

Source: Twitter

How to Play WINR Games?

Currently, WINR Protocol has only one game live. Two more are in the pipeline, though. The live game is an on-chain casino by the name of JustBet. It’s decentralized and offers fast and tamper-proof gaming. Two more games are coming soon:

  • – An on-chain, decentralized sportsbook.
  • – A on-chain gamified DeFi casino.

But let’s concentrate on JustBet. That’s the only game that is currently live. Currently, you can play 9 games:

  • Coin flip – The most basic and simple game. The house advantage is 2%
  • Range – Bet on randomly generated numbers.
  • Moon – A crash game. In this case, the moon crashes.
  • Wheel – A spinning wheel game with 49 slots.
  • Plinko – Drop a ball down a game board that has pegs on it. Pending on where the balls end up, you win, with potential multipliers.
  • Rock, paper, scissors – You play against the house.
  • Dice – Select the faces of a dice.
  • Limbo – It’s the same spinning wheel as Moon. However, you can place multiple bets.
  • Slots – A slot machine with multipliers.

Another 6 games are coming soon. For instance, Lottery, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, and Mines. So, to play these games, you need to follow these steps:

  • Set up an Arbitrum wallet. For example, MetaMask, Coinbase-, OKX-, or Fox Wallet will work.
  • Add the Arbitrum network to your wallet.
  • Buy the ARB token on an exchange and add it to your wallet. You can also bridge from Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, or other chains. You can check this docs page for more info.

All games are Provably Fair. This means that you can analyze an algorithm that’s been tested for fairness. In other words, there’s no tampering and everything is proven on-chain. See the list of games on JustBet in the picture below.

WINR Protocol
Source: JustBet
GWLP Use Cases

There’s a Genesis WINR Liquidity Pool Farm on WINR Protocol. You can access this pool through their main website and JustBet. If you provide USDC liquidity, you receive a bonus vWINR yield. That’s in each produced block. 

Providing liquidity in USDC will give you gWLP tokens. It also gave you a guaranteed whitelist spot during their public sale. This was back in March 2023, and It had a lock-up period of 30 days. After this lock-up period, you could convert it to WLP tokens. However, that’s 30 days after the mainnet release. Before the mainnet release, you can stake your gWLP tokens. This will give you bonus vWINR tokens as a reward.

The WLP toke is a liquid token. It represents underlying assets in the WINR Liquidity Pool. We talked about this token in Part 1.

WINR Twitter

Source: Twitter

GWLP Staking Review

Currently, holders stake 4.7 million gWLP. So, besides vWINR as a reward, you also receive a 37.88% bonus vWINR by staking your gWLP. After 30 days, you can convert your gWLP to WLP. However, converted WLP stops receiving bonus genesis farm rewards. That’s something to be aware of.

The gWLP to WLP Ratio is currently 0.9819%. The total emission of vWINR is 20 million. That’s 2% of the total token supply. This covers the bonus vWINR rewards. Converting starts from 30th May onwards. However, keep in mind that WLP tokens don’t receive any bonus vWINR rewards. Another feature to consider is that you can’t convert WLP back into gWLP. As a result, the APY for gWLP will slowly but steadily increase once converting starts. The picture below shows the staking page for gWLP.

WINR Protocol

Source: WINR staking website


This is Part 2 of a 2-part beginners guide to the WINR Protocol. This is part 1. We looked into three new questions about WINR. How to play current WINR games and gWLP use cases and its staking review.

The current WINR price is $0.04395. The WINR token has a market cap of $4 million. The max supply is 1 billion tokens. WINR has a total supply of 125 million tokens. Out of these, 92 million tokens are currently in circulation.

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