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Passive Income. We’ve talked about it a lot recently here. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Turbulent, volatile markets like we have now have us in the position of HODLing our best long-term projects.

Otherwise, we are watching and waiting. So, why don’t we make some money on those coins while we wait? Therefore, in this article, you will discover this week’s best passive income opportunities.

Disclaimer: All 5 of these options today involve a stablecoin as one of the pair. 4 of the 5 are non-stablecoin/stablecoin farms. With these farms, you have a risk for impermanent loss if the non-stablecoin moves too far while the stablecoin does its thing and stays stable. Our 3rd pair is two stablecoins so the risk of impermanent loss is almost zero there.

1) WNEAR-atUST on TriSolaris

TriSolaris is a DEX working to bridge and swap as many assets as possible. It works on Near’s Aurora Engine, which is EVM-compatible. They offer pools, farms, and staking.


Source: Trisolaris

The option we’ve found here involves the wrapping of 2 assets. Wrapping an asset usually means an investor needs to:

  • Deposits an asset into a smart contract
  • Contract mints a new asset
  • Investor bridges new asset from one chain to another so they can invest it
The Investment in Trisolaris

We have 2 of those here with Wrapped NEAR (WNEAR) and Allbridge Terra Wrapped UST atUST. Allbridge is one of the most commonly used bridges. So with our Wrapped NEAR, WNEAR, and atUST on TriSolaris, we earn 46%.

But with all farming and liquidity mining, we need to be aware of what coin we are getting paid with. In this case, it’s 2 coins:

  • DEX exchange coin TRI for 26% 
  • atLUNA for 20%

Like atUST, atLUNA is the Allbridge Terra Wrapped LUNA.

How to Increase Our Yield in Trisolaris

Now that we are earning 2 coins where one is high quality (LUNA) and the other unknown (TRI), here is something you can do to try to bump your yield up a little bit.

  1. Take half of your atLUNA and swap it for UST. Take that UST and deposit it at Anchor in the Terra system to earn 19.4%
  2. The other half of your atLUNA and swap it for Tether USDT. You will need it for Step 3.
  3. Farm TRI-USDT on TriSolaris for a 160% APY. It pays in TRI, which you can use to swap on TriSolaris for equal amounts of WNEAR and atUST to add to our existing farm that’s paying us 46%.

We are creating a virtuous circle here (the opposite of a vicious circle). We can keep siphoning off 10% of our 46% for Anchor and the rest to channel back into earning more 46% yields.

2) fUSD-BNB on Voltage Finance

Voltage Finance, formerly FuseFi, is a DeFi hub on the Fuse Network. In this alternative, the farm we like here is a fUSD-BNB farm. BNB you know but fUSD is the Fuse Dollar or the stablecoin of the Fuse network. You can swap for fUSD on Voltage too.

Voltage finance

Source: Voltage Finance

Looking at the farm, we can earn 35% here payable in FUSE, the native token not the fUSD stablecoin, and USD. The USD part goes into your FuseCash wallet. It works by design as an app to be like Venmo, Cash App or Apple Pay or you could swap it for one of the many tokens Voltage supports.

How to Increase Our Yield in Voltage Finance?

With our FUSE part, we are going to stay on Voltage and go for the FUSE-UST pool that pays 104%. Actually, it’s Wrapped FUSE and atUST. That’s the Allbridge Wrapped version of Terra stablecoin UST with payments in FUSE and USD, which we will recycle into our existing positions.

This is a small pool with only ~$300,000 in it so that can be good in terms of the % of fees you earn or higher risk based on its small size. But that said, gas fees on this network are low so you can move coins around freely at a low cost.

[Editor’s Note: One of the reasons why we can present so many great opportunities to you so quickly is due to our amazing Research team. Credit for Research on these opportunities goes to Abhay. Keep an eye out for his own articles too here on Altcoin Buzz and in our AB Access group.]

3) UST-USDC on Pangolin

Pangolin is one of Avalanche’s largest native DeFi apps. The first thing you need to do here is going to Version 2. Our choice is currently a Super Farm and that juices up the return for us.

Pangolin defi avalanche

Source: Pangolin

The farm on Pangolin has two stablecoins: UST and USDC. We love a farming option with 2 stablecoins as our risk of impermanent loss is nearly zero unlike our other excellent farming options on this list.

The extra push we get from the Super Farm status gives us a huge 18% APR on these 2 stablecoins. This is an amazing deal.

We had a similar recommendation in one of our recent videos. There we talked about crushing Binance on passive income returns involving putting Avalanche in a pool. But this is even better with 2 stablecoin options. One of this pool’s best features is how we get paid. The options are:

  1. The native token of Pangolin, PNG.
  2. LUNA
  3. A Wrapped version of Avalanche, WAVAX.

How to Increase Our Yield on Pangolin?

Due to our 3 payment options, we have many good ways we can increase our yield so we’ll suggest one for each payment method. Receiving PNG: We recommend using Pangolin’s Swap feature. Make sure you enable the AVAX Stablecoin list to manage token lists. You will need it for USDC. We give you three alternatives:

  1. Receiving PNG: Our recommendation is to swap your PNG for equal amounts of USDC and UST and plow it back into the same pool. Why? 
  • It’s easy
  • The returns are excellent 
  • and you have more stables ready for that next buying opportunity.

2. Receiving LUNA: As you probably know we love LUNA. We would either HODL it or help maintain our UST stablecoin peg by selling the LUNA for UST. LUNA and UST have a mint and burn relationship with each other and every $1 of UST comes from burning $1 of LUNA. And vice versa.

You can enable AVAX DeFi tokens in the token list. Then do the Swap within Pangolin or move the LUNA to the Terra-supported wallet of your choice to hold or swap.

3. Receiving WAVAX: If you receive WAVAX and you don’t want to HODL it or swap the native AVAX, then we recommend as above for the Pangolin rewards. You can use Pangolin’s swap feature to add both stables UST and USDC and put them back into the same pool while waiting for your perfect buying opportunity.

4) FTM-USDC on Beamswap

Beamswap is a DEX and AMM built on Moonbeam. Moonbeam is a Polkadot-based blockchain for building apps. The FTM-USDC farm pays a whopping 83%. Yet, that’s because the payment is in GLINT. 


Source: Beamswap

GLINT is Beamswap’s native exchange token. At the time of writing this article, Its market cap is only $755,000 so you are taking a risk in getting paid in it or even HODLing it. Then again the exchange could take off. With a $75 million market cap, which is pretty small for crypto exchange, would be a 100x so maybe it’s worth taking a flyer on it, or on part of it.

How to Increase Our Yield in Beamswap?

Assuming you don’t want to take your chances on all your 80% rewards on holding GLINT, then you can:

  1. Swap GLINT for USDC on Beamswap: Pro Tip: if liquidity is too low to make this swap on Beamswap, here’s what you do. You can swap GLINT for GLMR and then swap GLMR for USDC here or take your GLMR to many other CEX or DEX options to get your USDC.
  2. Either way, it’s the USDC we want to have available because our recommendation is to wait for dips and buy some more FTM.

5) WETH-USDT on Sushiswap

Sushiswap is one of the most popular AMMs around. In this case, the farm here uses Wrapped ETH (WETH) and USDT and it pays 17.9%.


Source: Sushiswap

That payment is in SUSHI, the native token for Sushiswap. Sushiswap is a big project and the coin ranks #118 with a $626.7 million market cap at the time of writing this article.

How to Increase Our Yield in Sushiswap?

That said, our recommendation to bump up your yield does not include HODLing the SUSHI token. But you certainly can and it’s no riskier than any other top 150 coins. But our recommendation is to use Sushiswap’s Swap feature and swap to USDT. Then wait till you feel the time is right or maybe for a dip and buy more ETH.

And if you think the time is right today, or anytime you get the chance then you can swap from SUSHI directly to ETH on Sushiswap too.


Our emphasis in this week’s Passive Income opportunities was on coins you are likely to have in your portfolio already. So that means high-value coins and stablecoins. And that’s what 4 of our 5 farming pairs are. And the 5th, well that’s 2 stablecoins.

We see these as great options to put your long-term HODL coins to work to earn some income while you wait for the next chance to buy.

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