Better Than Polygon Matic as an ETH Layer 2

Ethereum Layer 2s. They are growing fast. It seems like they are everywhere. But the problem with most of them is while they make ETH and EVM transactions bearable, once you move your money there you are isolated. AGAIN.

This time not by fees, but by access. You are out on an island with only limited options OR pay again to bridge funds back to ETH or some other chain. We’ve found a Layer 2 that’s fighting back against this. You get what you need from an ETH Layer 2 in speed, security, and low costs. But you can still access EVMs, their dApps, and importantly their liquidity. Meet Neva Network.

Meet Neva Network

I know what you are thinking. That there are already a zillion Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Why do we need another one? It’s a good question and some of them do seem repetitive. But Neva Network is taking a different approach. They are building out a modular blockchain using what they say is the best tech available.

To review, a monolithic blockchain like Ethereum or Solana is where the chain does everything itself. This includes data availability, transaction execution, network security, settlement and finality, and consensus.

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The idea is one stop for everything. And until recently, most projects never considered the idea of breaking these up into their parts. That might mean using an outside data layer or consensus layer. Thanks to Celestia, who hit the industry by storm, we now think about modular blockchains, too. The project does its most important parts itself and outsources other functions.

So Neva Network is a modular blockchain. We’ll get into its parts in a second. Neva is an ETH Layer 2 with a focus on GameFi and DeFi. One of the big benefits of modular blockchains is they are often lighter and faster than monolithic chains.

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Gaming and DeFi both benefit from this but gaming benefits most of it. With a faster chain, transactions are faster and cheaper. On Neva, they can do 50,000+ transactions per second and gas fees at less than 1 cent.

The speed and the low cost are especially good for games, though. Games need to move fast AND have fast, cheap transactions. Plus, the transactions don’t interrupt the gameplay. This makes the game a better experience for the players and developers.

More on Modular Blockchains

Now to the specifics. What is Neva doing to build out a quality blockchain for Layer 2 transactions? First, they are using Celestia as their data availability layer. This means all blockchain transaction data will use Celestia and its tools. Taking that data off the main chain means the main chain will go faster AND less computing power is necessary to run nodes and validators.

That’s good for community growth and decentralization. Plus, with Celestia, you get the benefits of Cosmos Ecosystem’s ICS. That stands for Interchain Security and it’s the security platform all Cosmos chains use.

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As an Ethereum L2, but with Celestia, Neva gets the benefit of the best of both Ethereum and Cosmos security for its blockchain. Along with Celestia, the other big tech advance for Neva as an Ethereum L2 is the use of Polygon’s zkEVM. Zk means the use of zero-knowledge proofs. We’ve talked about this many times before. But it’s a privacy tech that keeps your L2 transactions private so the L1, in this case Ethereum, cannot identify you.

We like that for privacy and many L2s have something like this. Polygon’s is the fastest zk proof in the market. That means faster transaction times with no compromise on security. Then we have the other important aspect. The EVM. zkEVM is compatible with all other EVM dApps and protocols. That’s one of the things that makes this Polygon product so popular.

So Neva will be fully EVM compatible. And with Polygon’s Aggregation Layer, Neva will have access to as much Ethereum and EVM app liquidity as anyone in the market. Again, that’s great for gaming and DeFi. DeFi liquidity being so fragmented across hundreds of apps is a real issue stunting the sector’s growth.

With Neva, you get the scalability, security, and compatibility from Polygon’s zkEVM. And then you also get the speed and throughput from using Celestia. It might be the best tech stack available for any Layer 2 chain. Do you have a favorite Layer 2 you use? Or a favorite dApp on an L2? Let us know in the comments below.

Neva Is Community-Oriented

Neva is taking a unique approach to their token. They are taking visible measures to show they are a community-centered project. And they aren’t just saying so. They are showing it. For example, their token did a fair launch on Uniswap. No presales or private sales restrictions or gatekeeping of any kind.

We love to see this, yet it’s so rare we rarely report on it because we end up talking about Team or VC allocations. Speaking of which, there are no VCs in this project. It’s completely self-funded. That’s another edge for the community.

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Not only is there no one to use you for exit liquidity, but all $NEVA holders are on the same team. All this means favorable tokenomics for the community. If you like what you’ve heard so far and you want to check out more on Neva Network, you can either

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Click on this link and check out the $NEVA-ETH trading pair on Uniswap.

At a $1 million market cap, you are getting in early and risks are pretty low at this stage. Especially so for a newer project given the advantages and dependability of the tech stack they are using. So check out Neva Network today.


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