Bitcoin, no doubt, is the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the world today. With many referring to it as the ‘King Crypto’.

Since inception, it has faced a lot of criticism and caused a lot of fuss among government agencies and financial institutions worldwide. Irrespective of this, the crypto has appreciated relentlessly leaving in its wake, several millionaires. Most of these bitcoin millionaires are early adopters of Bitcoin. Believing in the crypto in its early days. Despite critics and hostile environment, Bitcoin completely surpasses a lot of other stocks.

According to, over 26% of some of the richest Bitcoin addresses contain between 1,000 and 10,000 BTC, 12% have between 10,000 and 100,000 BTCs and only 3% own more than 100,000 BTCs.

Below is a list of people who currently hold the largest stash of Bitcoin worldwide.

Many prominent investors continue to demonize Bitcoin, but many players have benefited from the rising Bitcoin price since its launch in 2009 until today.

Barry Silbert, Changpeng Zhao or Micree Zhan Ketuan are just some of the financial heavyweights who invested in Bitcoin early on. From the genesis block to the present day, Bitcoin has outperformed many stocks by far.

Top Known Bitcoin Billionaires

Satoshi Nakamoto
A pseudonym for the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Though details about him are quite sketchy, we believe he has over one million Bitcoins and so he is a crypto billionaire.

Barry Silbert
Popularly known as the founder of Digital Currency group. A firm designed to provide support for blockchain and tech startups. Currently, Digital Currency Group own stake in over 100 startup companies. With many referring to Silbery as “The King of Crypto”. Though the precise number of his Bitcoin holdings is still unknoen., Firbes estimates his network to be between $400 – $500 million.

The Winklevoss Twins (Tyler and Cameron)
Following the winning of a lawsuit against Facebook, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss invested most of the lawsuit capital in Bitcoin. According to a statement by the twins, they made claims to own more than 1% of the total Bitcoin in circulation. If this is true the boys could own about 180,000 Bitcoin equal to about $1 billion.

They also launched the Gemini exchange several years ago. Alongside a stablecoin, Gemini dollar (ticker symbol: GUSD) that is allegedly pegged one-to-one to the US Dollars.

Mike Novogratz
Financial expert Mike Novogratz is a serial billionaire who currently claims to have 30% of all his assets in digital currency. Though details of how much Bitcoin he owns is quite sketchy. In 2015, he organized a crypto-fund for $500 million and then invested $150 million in equity.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ)
A firm believer in cryptocurrency and founder of the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume Binance. CZ studied computer science and coordinated a high-frequency trading system before joining Binance. In 2014, he sold all his assets, houses, etc and invested a large portion of it in Bitcoin. Although details of his funds are still unknown, Forbes estimates them to be more than $1.2 billion.

Other Millionaires

Brian Armstrong
Founder of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong has also invested in a lot of other companies, as well as acquired some. Most of his assets are in Coinbase, but he still holds ample amounts of Bitcoin. He, however, also donated a huge portion of his asset to the Bill Gates Foundation.

Micree Zhan Ketuan
Zhan is a 41-year-old electrical engineer and Founder of mining behemoth Bitmain. His assets are estimated to b  about USD 2.7 billion.

Niklas Nikolajsen
Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG, he purchased 1,000 Bitcoins when it was valued at $0.50. His stash grew over the years and then he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG. The company’s net asset is an estimated 55million Swiss Francs.

Millionaire Bitcoin addresses

We’ve compiled a list of Bitcoin addresses that currently hold high amounts of Bitcoin.
They include:

  1. Ca. 255.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 182.500 BTC
  1. Ca. 101.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 94.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 93.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 89.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 79.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 69.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 61.000 BTC
  1. Ca. 57.000 BTC


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