Crypto MILLIONAIRES of 2023 | Is this the BEST CRYPTO AI Altcoin?

AI is EVERYWHERE. It used to be “software is eating the world”. And now, just in the prompt of a ChatGPT, it’s “AI is eating the world”. It really is everywhere and it’s leading to big changes. But AI and crypto, that’s a tougher partnership to understand.

But we have one of the best AI altcoin in the industry in our sights today. Today, it’s all about Singularity.

What is Singularity?

First, before everything, Singularity says it is a decentralized marketplace. Marketplace for AI services, that is. Part of the project is an infrastructure layer. This means apps can use Singularity’s growing codebase of different AI functions so you can add whatever type of AI helps your project.

This alone could make Singularity successful. After all, there is WAY more interest in AI than there is expertise in AI. So just like with software modules that a SAAS provider offers, a project that wants to experiment with AI WITHOUT the expertise can just try it out. All through Singularity. So, the potential for this is enormous. And the risk as an investment goes way down. Here’s why.

Think of the e-commerce boom of the early 2000s. In it, we got Amazon out of it. But we also had lots of unsuccessful projects like Remember them? I do.

But why do you have to choose? Instead, the AI infrastructure means ALL projects that want to try it can do so without having to pick winners and losers. Because most of them will be using Singularity technology. Again, it’s that idea of selling the ‘picks and shovels’ to the gold prospectors instead of guessing which one will get a strike of gold.

And then for the $AGIX token, if you stake it you are eligible for ecosystem airdrops from projects that start internally and spin off into their own separate protocol. I’m going to show you how valuable this is in just a second.

Do you have a favorite AI project right now? Let us know in the comments below.

The Singularity Ecosystem

Singularity’s ecosystem is the envy of the AI sector in crypto. There is no group of crypto AI projects doing more than what Singularity and its protocols are doing. Here are some examples.

1) We have SingularityDAO. For those that like to manage portfolios, both amateurs and pros, you have Singularity DAO. This portfolio management app lets you test your skill against others and use AI to help with risk management.

2) On the NFT front, SophiaVerse is an NFT and game-based marketplace for integrating games into the metaverse.

For musicians who want better payouts from streaming you have Jam Galaxy. Here AI helps with both composing new music and connecting with fans.

So, one of a few on the medical and health frontier with AI is Rejuve.AI. Rejuve is a network of researchers, datasets, and other contributors who are all doing longevity research. That’s how to live better for longer.

More About The Singularity Ecosystem

And for those looking for Web3 infrastructure, here we have decentralized computing with Nunet. Think Arweave or Filecoin with an AI component that new apps and protocols can use to build out their projects.

On the investment front, we have Cogito. It’s both a stablecoin-as-a-sevrvice framework AND it acts like an index for financial modeling using AI as a risk management tool. Their trace coins could really catch on with the broader crypto market.

singularity ecosystem

                        Source: Twitter

So you see there are few areas of modern life or technology that Singularity’s ecosystem does not touch. And that includes crypto and Web3. What industry do you think benefits most from AI technology right now? Let us know with a comment.

AGIX, The Singularity Token

As I said earlier, being eligible for ecosystem airdrops is a big deal with an ecosystem this big and growing this fast. That alone makes the token valuable. But there are some other positives too.

Staking works in 30-day sessions so never long lockups. That’s a good start. Right now, Singularity is paying a real yield of 1.28% per year. So that’s a nice, small benefit and if you combine that with the potential for growth then you’ve really got something. 

On the tokenomics front, more than 60% of the total supply of $AGIX is already circulating. It’s more than 1.2 billion out of 2 billion. This also helps the real yield argument as most of the new $AGIX is paid out as staking rewards. But again, at low rates. So this is no high inflation token or limited supply token. AGIX is getting attention and announces it in the following tweet.


And lastly, because we know a lot of you love this, at its current price of 24c, it means it does not cost a lot to get in and buy yourself some Singularity.

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