Crypto Opportunity: Buy Like Solana at $0.20

Do you want to get rich with crypto? Well, who doesn’t? There are various ways you can get rich with crypto. However, I also need to tell you that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. 

Nonetheless, TGE or token generation events are a good start. They’re right up there for making massive gains. Remember me telling you to get in early? Well, you can’t get in much earlier, as with a crypto TGE.

Now, during June and July, there are some long-awaited TGE events lined up. As a bonus, many TGEs also include airdrops. I have three TGEs for you, that I would like to introduce you to. So, let’s do this.

1) ZKsync

ZKsync is one of these TGEs where it feels that it’s been forever in the making. People have been farming this airdrop for well over a year now. For a little background, zkSync is a Layer 2 ZK roll-up built on top of Ethereum. In other words, it uses cryptographic validity proofs. This is part of the ZK technology. Remember, ZK tech lets you prove something without showing crucial information. 

A simple sample is the ‘Where’s Waldo’ picture. In the original picture, you can find Waldo and see where he’s located. However, ZK tech would show you only a picture of Waldo. It doesn’t show you where he’s located in the picture.

Source: X

Furthermore, zkSync is scalable and offers cheap transactions. It also stores most data off-chain. The same as its computations. They’re also done off-chain. In short, zkSync looks and feels like Ethereum. However, it offers lower fees and a higher throughput. So, this makes it also faster. This gives some advantages, for example:

  • It inherits the security from Ethereum.
  • Permissionless EVM-compatible smart contracts.
  • It preserves smart contract composability.
  • You can use existing Ethereum-based wallets. Like, MetaMask, Rabby, TrustWallet, and more.
  • Besides transaction fees being low, you can pay these with ERC-20 tokens. Like USDT or USDC.

Source: X

Since late May, rumors about its TGE started to float around. On 11th June, the eligibility checker went live. Have you been farming zkSync? Did you qualify for their airdrop?

2) LayerZero

LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol. Well, I guess, that doesn’t help much, does it? So let me explain in a much simpler way what it is and what it does.

Do You know how Android apps can communicate with Apple apps? We don’t have second thoughts about that. We take it for granted, right? However, there’s a communication protocol that takes care of this. That’s the TCP/IP protocol. So, it doesn’t matter if you use Mac, Linux, or Windows. They can all talk to each other. LayerZero does something similar but for blockchains. It allows Bitcoin to talk with Ethereum or Solana. And, of course, the other way around. 

Source: X

So, you can compare LayerZero to the internet, but for crypto. For example, this opens up finance or DeFi. There’s no need for an intermediary service, like a bank. Or censorship by a government. LayerZero offers a permissionless space, where everyone can interact with Dapps. It sees crypto as censorship-resistant. You should be able to send data around without discrimination. 

That’s precisely what LayerZero offers. So, it’s not a blockchain as such, it’s more like a protocol. However, it holds blockchains together like glue. Now on to their TGE. Their CEO, Bryan Pellegrino, has been announcing it on X/Twitter. He’s been active there, and there’s also a blog post about detecting Sybil addresses.


Source: X

Binance mentions that Pellegrino announced a TGE timeline. The TGE will take part in the first half of 2024. That leaves another 2 weeks for it to happen. Are you ready for this TGE and the associated airdrop?

3) Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is powered by AI and secured by Bitcoin. And yes, it’s written with two times an ‘i’ in its name. This protocol is all about engagement and training AI. In true Web3 style, you can earn rewards by taking part. These rewards are in their native $COIIN token. 

To be more precise, you’re not only a user, but also an owner. So, you’re no longer a passive consumer. Instead, you become an active participant. The Raiinmaker Network Protocol Mainnet is set to launch on June 25 and its TGE is on 22nd July. So, busy days at Raiinmaker’s headquarters.


Source: X

Raiinmaker is also a DePIN project. This is one of the big narratives during this bull run. It’s an all-mobile Dapp and you can run a node on your mobile. For example, as a validator, you contribute your computing power. But you can also confirm network transactions. 7Or how about generating AI content, and training AI models? For doing this, you receive $COIIN token rewards.

Earning $COIIN is also gamified. There are lunar cycles of 29 days. You earn rewards by staking, burning, ID tiers, and multipliers. As a validator, your score bases itself on 4 factors. Your:

  • Validator.
  • Behavior.
  • Identity.
  • Economic score.


Source: X

The platform is also interoperable. For instance, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Base. For example, Base, as an L2, offers fast and cheap transactions. That’s why Raiinmaker uses Base. So, create an account, register a node, and start mining $COIIN. So, which of these three projects is your favorite, and why? 


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