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Defi Warrior is a blockchain-based game that aims to offer the combined essence of Defi and NFT to its users. The gaming concept is inspired by the real crypto world where the gaming character called a warrior is cryptocurrency, and the planet represents a blockchain. The platform has a native token, named FIWA that is used for minting new characters and buying gaming assets.

Each warrior is an NFT asset who can build their coin mining factory on the planet to fight against bosses or enemies for rewards. Players can own these warriors to participate in gaming activities that include farming, mining, player vs player battles, and championships. The unique characteristic of the warrior is that its strength is driven by crypto price movement. The platform aims to create a cross-game environment where the warrior can enter and participate in a different game.

Get The FIWA token

You can get the native FIWA token from any of the below platforms. Check the complete list here.

Defi warrior


The below features are currently available in the Defi warrior ecosystem:

  • Beta Game Play
  • MarketPlace
  • Staking
  • NFT Two Dollars
Beta Game Play

The game’s beta version is available on PC that you can try. Take utmost care while connecting your wallet.

Click on Beta Game Play and it will redirect you to the page

To access the game, users need to connect their Metamask wallet or WalletConnect to the platform.

Defi warrior

Once you connect, you can see the gaming console and the different functions supported by the platform.

Different Gaming Mode
  • PvP Mode

The goal of the Defi Warrior game is to eliminate all enemies that the player is facing. In PvP mode, the player needs to have at least 3 warriors and can select three to five monsters to fight against an opponent.

The system matches the two players depending upon the current grade of the player and the recent percentage of winning matches.

The amount gained from the victory of each battle is determined by the ranking of the opponent. With high-rank opponents, you will earn more rewards and fewer rewards with the low-rank player and vice versa.

Also, depending upon the player’s daily, weekly and monthly rankings, they receive rewards.

  • Adventure

Adventure is a PvE (player versus environment) mode.  It takes place on different planets consisting of Zones where each Zone is made up of 9 stages. At the final round of each Zone, the player needs to face a boss who possesses extremely high stats.

At each stage, the player needs to face multiple waves of enemies. With the completion of a level, the players are rewarded and warriors gained experience. The warrior needs to evolve from level 10 to 20 to play higher-level games and collect valuable rewards.

Defi warrior

  • Mining

Players can form nodes by using the facilities earned in the game. The structures are built by utilizing the facilities. Currently, the mining mode consists of 6 planets:

    • 1 energy planet
    • 5 crypto planets (BTC, ETH, updating) where the player can mine body-parts’ fragments relating to each planet’s type and eCWIG.
  •  Championship

Players can participate in Championship that happen periodically or seasonal special events and can earn attractive rewards.

Gaming Concepts
  • Fork

The player can create a new warrior from an existing one via the fork process. To do a fork, they need to hold a fork card. Warriors can fork at any level and they can go for a maximum of 5 forks. The token pair of CWIG-FIWA is used to fork. The child warrior will inherit the characteristics of their parent warrior and its stats will depend upon the base stat of the mother warrior and the bonus based on fork card stats.

  • Gatch

Gacha is the lucky draw in the game. It takes place periodically or occasionally.

There are 2 types of Gacha events:

  • Basic Gacha
  • Premium Gacha

Each Gacha type consists of 2 types of Gacha tickets namely Basic Gacha Ticket and Premium Gacha Ticket. Different tickets hold different types of rewards.

NFT Market

To play the game, users must hold a warrior. You can buy a warrior with a FIWA token from the NFT market. Note that, the warrior born on a planet will follow its standard and class. Each warrior has different characteristics and attributes that define its rarity.

Once you click on NFT market, it will redirect you to the page 

At the time of writing the article, there were approx 6689 warriors listed in the marketplace.

Defi warrior

You can click on your desired warrior to get more details about their traits and abilities.

Defi warrior

To purchase the warrior, you just click on the Approve button appearing on the top.


eCWIG token is used for all gaming activities. Players earn rewards in eCWIG while they perform gaming activities like mining, or fighting with opponents. They can then use this eCWIG token to purchase in-game items like buy Facilities, Energy, Pools, Gacha tickets, Fragment bodypart, Refresh, or restock Gacha.

Players can buy the eCWIG token by using FIWA or CWIG tokens or players can convert from CWIG in a 1:1 ratio.

Using Swap, you can convert CWIG into eCWIG and vice versa.

Defi warrior

My Assets

You can check your game assets like your FIWA, CWIG balance, and your warrior list from this section.

Defi warrior

NFT Staking

If you are holding any NFT you can simply stake them and earn rewards. You don’t have to play the game. The amount of rewards depends upon the warrior level. The higher the level of the warrior, the higher the rewards. You can stake as many NFT’s as you wish.

In NFT – CWIG or NFT – FIWA pool, users must stake a minimum of 1 NFT along with any amount of CWIG or FIWA tokens into the pool. The reward depends upon your deposited CWIG or FIWA tokens.

In NFT staking section lists the pools where you can stake your NFT and earn rewards in CWIG and FIWA.

Defi warrior

You can check the total warrior in a pool and the annual return that you will receive from the pool details.

Two Dollar NFT

The Two dollars NFT goes through a series of steps that include: preparation, vote, purchase, random, and close.

In preparation, the supplier who owns an NFT can register their NFT to engage in trading. NFT holders need to first join the pool. They can then select their NFT and set a value for it that they wish to add.  Confirm the transaction, and you can see your NFT in the registered section.

FIWA holders then vote on the NFT. NFT’s with the highest votes move to the sale round.

After that, they go to the Purchase stage where users purchase a chance ticket each worth $2 to win the NFT of their choice. There is no limit to buying a chance ticket.

The winner of the NFT is selected randomly via Chainlink’s VRF technology. At the end of the event, winners get their prizes, and the supplier will get back the NFT’s that failed in the previous round.

Defi warrior


You can invite your friends/relative to join the Defi warrior platform. Just share the referral link with them and earn up to 40% whenever they complete a trade.

Defi warrior

Daily Mission

Players receive daily rewards and missions.

Defi warrior

Click on the Collect button to collect your daily claim.

You can see the claim box, click on that to claim your daily rewards

Defi warrior


Players can change the sound and music-related setting from the Setting tab.

Defi warrior

Social Presence






Resources: Defi Warrior Whitepaper

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