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Let me ask you this. Have you recently tried buying a piece of land in Sandbox or Decentraland? Now that the prices of their pieces of these metaverse lands have gone up to 5 figures not everyone can afford them.  

What if I tell you that you can stake your metaverse tokens and earn very attractive rewards? That’s something unique and that is exactly what vEmpire brings to you. But that’s not it, vEmpire brings you a P2E game, a DDAO, and a guild. Let’s discover all of these features in the following lines.

What is vEmpire?

vEmpire is the world’s largest decentralized metaverse platform to invest in. And with its close to 80% staking APY, the protocol has managed to lock more than $15 million in TVL at the time of writing this article. That’s an impressive number. 

If you take a look at the staking pool distribution, about 88% of the staked value is on the Ethereum blockchain and almost 11%  on Binance Smart Chain. To get started, you need to connect to vEmpire via Metamask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallets, MathWallet, TokenPocket, SafePal, or Coin98.

Moreover, vEmpire has 3 tokens:

  • VEMP: Is the native token to reward winners, liquidity providers, and DDAO. It has a circulating supply of 172.69 million tokens with a marketcap of $20.9 million, and it’s currently trading at $0.12.

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Moreover, VEMP trading is also supported by exchanges like Uniswap (V2),, Pancakeswap (V2), and Shibaswap. The initial supply of VEMP was 90 million tokens. But the total supply is 810.72 million.

  • xVEMP: A governance token where anyone can vote on proposals placed in DDAO. Also, xVEMP token holders have the opportunity to qualify for bonus rewards, NFTs, and other metaverse giveaways.
  • xsVEMP: In-game token and both xsVEMP & xVEMP cannot be traded publicly.
More About vEmpire

vEmpire provides a variety of services:

  • DDAO: vEmpire has optimized the traditional DAO concept by assing another feature: equal rewards. They re-branded this concept for DDAO (Democratic DAO). In other words, it doesn’t matter how many tokens you have in your wallet, every wallet has 1 vote.

The main goal of vEmpire DDAO is to promote the worldwide adoption of P2E games and metaverse protocols. Therefore, you can apply to their venture program. Moreover, In vEmpire, you can invest any of the following metaverse tokens:

  • MANA (Decentraland) with a 49% APR.(rewards: 9.6% in MANA and the rest in VEMP)
  • STARL (Starlink) with a 9.3% APR. (Part in STARL and VEMP)
  • SAND (The Sandbox) with a 32% APR. (rewards:2% in SAND and the rest in VEMP)
  • AXS (Axie Infinity) with a 120% APR (rewards: 7% in AXS, 7% in SLP, and the rest in VEMP)
  • ETH with a 22.13% APR(rewards: 14% in ETH and the rest in VEMP)
  • APE (ApeCoin) with a 252% APR (Part in APE and VEMP)

Here are some strategies to stake these tokens. Once you get VEMP tokens from these pools, you can stake them to get xVEMP tokens to qualify for and You’ll get a 15% APR. 

  • Protocol profits.
  • Voting
  • Submitting community proposals

On the other hand, vEmpire has a very interesting feature for NFTs, which are called ”PLEBS. Therefore, you can stake Plebs with a 1658% APR with VEMP rewards. Moreover, vEmpire has a gaming section with 2 games:

Team, Partners & Roadmap

The team behind vEmpire has a wide experience in audiovisual, stockbroking, marketing, and storytelling. Therefore, using open-source tech, the vEmpire team can develop innovative P2E games. The core team has 5 members with 3 advisors. and Oxblock as technology partners.

Moreover, vEmpire has very prestigious partners like Polygon, Chainlink, Uniscrypt, MEXC Global, NEO, Blockchain Game Alliance, among others.

On the other hand, according to the roadmap, vEmpire DDAO wants to:

  • Add more metaverse project staking pools.(Q2-2022)
  • Start developing a third P2E game (Q3-2022)
  • Integration ATLAS with Solana for staking strategies (Q2-2022)
vEmpire Recent Updates 

Did you know that vEmpire is also launched in Polygon? Also, vEmpire created “The Plebeian Council NFT collection that contains 4500 NFTs on the BNB Chain. These NFTs enable their holders to earn passive income by staking them.

Also, vEmprie partnered with Babylons, a BNB Chain Game Agreggator & NFT Marketplace.

In conclusion, vEmpire is an impressive platform for people who want to give another use case for their metaverse tokens. Powered by a new kind of DAO (Democratic), vEmpire works through metaverse slots to make their community have the same conditions to participate. 

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