Uniswap V3, V2, and PancakeSwap are the undisputed kings of DEXs. Right?  Well, that’s what the % age market share by volume tells us. With over 33% of the total DEX traded volume being through Uniswap V3 and 9.9% being traded over PancakeSwap, both DEXs have their own set of problems that cannot be ignored. 

Uniswap burns holes in your pockets with gas fees and Pancakeswap bridges to swap non Binance Smart Chain tokens are sometimes too much to handle.  In the crypto space, we need something as simple as a Visa payment card. No gas fees, no transaction fees, and no network boundaries but all in a decentralized manner. Therefore, in this article, you will discover how ZeroSwap can offer this.

What is Zeroswap?

The main initiative of ZeroSwap is to build a multi-chain decentralized ecosystem. What that means is you as a DeFi user should be able to take your tokens across multiple chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and now Avalanche also. 

So unlike Pancakeswap, ZeroSwap supports token swaps far and beyond Binance Smart Chain. Even on a low transaction fee like BSC, PancakeSwap charges a 0.2% trading fee. But ZeroSwap on the other hand charges “0” transaction fees on multiple chains. 

And unlike Uniswap, ZeroSwap supports gasless that it achieves by using transaction fee mining & zero-fee transactions. Also, it provides bi-directional bridges for token swaps. Now, let’s see how its exchange works.

ZeroSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

The Zeroswap DEX is also known as ZeeDEX which can be used on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. But while I wrote this article, the team is working on rolling-out support to Avalanche blockchain to relieve you from paying any gas on Avalanche.

In fact, users can access the gasless swaps on the Avalanche chain without staking. Just connect your wallet, select a token pair and swap it. What is more interesting is that $ZEE staking on Avalanche went live today with an APY of 50%, an unbonding period of 7 days, and a reward claim of 10 days. 

Note: ZeeDEX can connect to metamask, WalletConnect, and Binance Wallet. When you enter to the DEX, you can swap more than 100 tokens like BNB, ETH, USDT, XRP, ADA, LTC, XTZ, DAI, DOT, CAKE; LINK, UNI, SUSHI, pBTC, among others.

Moreover, in the “Settings” button, you can establish the time transaction deadline and the % slippage tolerance. Also, this DEX gives you the opportunity to have free trades if you stake ZEE tokens, the native token of Zeroswap. Staking 1000 ZEE gives you 10 Free Trades Per Day.

 But that’s not it. What makes Zeroswap unique are the following features:

  • Rewards:
    Zeroswap provides a platform to earn rewards from liquidity mining every time you make a trade.
  • Governance:
    A unanimous governance mechanism helps adapt to decentralized network changes over time.
  • DEX aggregation:
    On Zeroswap, one can access liquidity on multi chains from all decentralized liquidity providers.
  • Developer friendly:
    One can easily integrate ZeeSuite with their existing workflows.
  • Multi-chain trading protocol: Multichain ecosystems are an integral part of the DeFi world. Ethereum, which is the flagbearer of this technology, has some fundamental issues in its underline architecture like — scalability, gas fees, transactions per second.

What Makes ZeroSwap Different From the Rest? 

Apart from the features previously explained, there are 3 decentralized solutions that make Zeroswap unique:

  • ZeeDO: In this platform, users can easily participate in many token offerings. And one of its best performing IDO sales was that of Unmarshal which was a 90X IDO. 
  • ETH-BSC Bridges: Zeroswap has a two-way bridge between ERC-20 and  BEP-20 tokens.
  • Staking: Users can stake Zeroswap’s native token, $ZEE with no fees and 20% APY. 

As you see a good number of Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and recently launched AVAX is staked on ZeeDo

ZeroSwap Roadmap and Tokenomics

According to the roadmap, during the Q1 and Q2 of 2022, some of  the most important milestones are:

  • More Chain-integrations like Avalanche
  • Cross-chain farms 

After the merger with DeFi Wizard, ZeroSwap aims to become a smart contract as a service (SCAS) solutions provider too. And on that line, it aims to launch a new token ZEX. ZeroSwap would pivot into a two token model to capture the value generated, post-merger, more details of it would be announced in due time.

On the other hand, at the time of doing this video, the native token of ZeroSwap, ZEE, was trading at $0.18 with a marketcap of $12.38 million. Also, its circulating supply is at 63% of the max supply with more than 63 million tokens.

Moreover, ZEE has the following use cases:

  • Fee-Payment method for trading transactions in the DEX.
  • Payment method for the ZeeDO (Zeroswap Dex Token Offering)
  • Payment method for liquidity mining fees.

In addition, Zeroswap has an exclusive governance token (ZEX) which will be launched this year.

Competitors, Partners & Developments

You know that there are many decentralized exchanges that can be considered a direct competitors. However, after analyzing many of them, we consider that Uniswap, 1inch, Paraswap, and Kyberswap are the direct competitors. 

From those DEXs, we consider that Zeroswap is the only one that has governance voting, gas-less transactions, zero trade fee, liquidity mining, multichain, token, and AMM. Compared to Uniswap, ZeroSwap has zero fees on chains like Binance, polygon.

Also, Zeroswap has partnered with leading blockchain companies like Elrond, Chainlink, Polygon, among others. Moreover, here are the following developments:


ZeroSwap aims to innovate the current AMM and AMM aggregator marketplace by offering novel solutions to centralized and decentralized exchange weaknesses. The protocol aims to do this through their multichain DEX, which offers users liquidity mining rewards, IDO’s, and DEX aggregation in a completely decentralized manner. 

As ZeroSwap continues its innovation, it will be a crucial protocol to be used on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and especially the Ethereum Network.

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