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What do PancakeSwap & Gala Games have in common? The Binance Accelerator Fund was an early investor in both projects. And they have been doing really well!! So, the Binance Fund projects have an edge in the market. PARSIQ is another one its  IEO did an all-time high of 97X.

When researching what AI projects will need to be successful with blockchain, I came across PARSIQ. It’s right at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. No doubt, PARSIQ is an early billion-dollar opportunity at WAY WAY less than $1 billion market value right now. Let’s discuss the PARSIQ opportunity in detail!

A Timeline of Web 3 Infrastructure

The stories are famous now. Over 150 years old too. The stories of the Gold Rush in California. And who got rich? Not most of the prospectors. But those that sold the equipment. The picks and shovels. They got wealthy whether the prospector struck gold or not.

It’s a great investment philosophy too. Don’t pick a project. Pick something all projects need. In Web3, that means infrastructure. Communicating across many different protocols, blockchains, code types, and languages. We love them at Altcoin Buzz. The Graph is one of the big ones and it’s in our 50x Master Portfolio. It’s a $1 billion market value project now.

Infrastructure can mean lots of things. It can be:

  • Building out websites
  • Analytics
  • Oracles
  • File storage, and more.

web3 infrastructure china

Source: Twitter

So that’s where Filecoin for storage or Arweave too would count. Chainlink or Band Protocol are oracles. The web3 infrastructure sector is important and it’s a bet on the growth of the industry. Not a project or protocol. Or even a set of protocols like privacy or AI.

If you think crypto will grow, then you need infrastructure investments in your portfolio. And that’s why we are here to talk about PARSIQ. What’s your favorite Web3 infrastructure project? Let us know in the comments below.

What is PARSIQ?

PARSIQ provides this valuable web3 infrastructure through APIs. APIs are like one piece of software making a phone call to connect with another piece of software. With PARSIQ and its main Tsunami API, anyone can use it to query blockchain data to manipulate it however you want. It’s both flexible and powerful. Project developers can use the Tsunami API as part of building out their own app too.

PARSIQ’s other main solution is Data Lakes. Data Lakes is EVEN MORE customized to let any project builder or user get whatever info they need. 

Want to filter a wallet address for all the transactions between October and December 2022 because your accountant needs it? Then a customized API like Data Lakes lets that happen. Or the project can now market it as a customized tax data reporting feature you can use. Pretty cool huh?

What makes PARSIQ Different?

Whether you are using a protocol like in DeFi or NFTs or you are a project builder, the decentralized web is messy. First, all that blockchain data whether for a stablecoin transaction or NFT metadata is just a bunch of 1s and 0s. Who is going to clean it up, organize it, and make it searchable?

Then there’s the problem with decentralization. Do you know why most legacy app developers build out the first versions of their apps on Amazon Web Services? The centralization of everything being a part of Amazon makes the AWS service super fast and cheap.

So, the decentralized web means your best storage solution might be Project A. But the ability to build out the protocol you want might be better with Project C. Projects A and C need to talk to each for your project to be a success. That’s regardless of whether one uses Solidity like Ethereum smart contracts, or Rust, Python, or Javascript.

PARSIQ roadmap

Source: Twitter

So you can see, you don’t even have to know a lot about technology to see how big a problem this is. Connection, communication, and translation into common languages (like a foreign language interpreter) are what PARSIQ and its quality APIs do.

With Tsunami, PARSIQ covers many of the common transitions between projects and languages like Rust and Solidity (like English to Spanish). But those that need a custom solution have Data Lakes for that. This makes PARSIQ’s offerings unique. A project can customize any inputs or outputs, like the tax example, that the project wants. The project can even sell it as a value-added feature. You can read more about PARSIQ in its docs.

The PARSIQ Opportunity

PARSIQ is making a BIG change to its tokenomics to make the $PRQ token more valuable. When apps store their data on PARSIQ, they must pay in $PRQ. When they make the API calls to get the data they need, they will have to pay in $PRQ.

These 2 changes alone mean using the token for payments will add value to the token and the project. And that’s a big deal considering that PARSIQ’s total market value is only $17 million.

Your favorite new project in DeFi, NFT, or gaming is already using this technology running in the background of their app. That means it can do a HUGE 60x just to get to The Graph’s value today. And when that happens, both PARSIQ and other infrastructure projects will keep growing. And that’s because it means Web3 is on the way to success and mass adoption.

Check out more about PARSIQ, what it offers, and the $PRQ token at its website and Twitter. Give them a follow and try it out today.

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