How To List and Trade JumpNet NFTs in Enjin Marketplace

In the previous part of this article series, we have explained how you can create a project in JumpNet and link your Enjin wallet with it. Further, we explained how you can convert your ENJ token into JENJ, which is used to mint NFTs.

In this article, we will discuss how you can transfer these NFTs to other Enjin wallet users and check whether these NFTs can be listed/traded in the Enjin marketplace.

Asset Option

Users can do the following activities with the NFTs in their Enjin wallet:

  • Send
  • Sell
  • JumpNet

Select the asset and double-tap to make these above-mentioned options available as shown in the below screenshot.

ENJIN Jumpnet

Now let us see how you can use these options.


You can transfer your JumpNet NFT to other wallet users by giving their wallet address or the QR code.

To transfer, just click on the Send button and enter the recipient’s address.

ENJIN Jumpnet

You can send multiple assets to the recipient by clicking on the (+) sign appearing on the above screenshot.


Users can list and trade their JumpNet NFT in the Enjin marketplace like any other NFT.

Select the asset and click on SELL.

Enter the amount of JENJ at which you wish to sell your asset. The application will show you the final JENJ value that you will receive after the sale.

ENJIN Jumpnet

Confirm the process.

You can now check the asset status in your wallet as well as in the Enjin marketplace.

ENJIN Jumpnet


This option will allow you to migrate the asset into the Ethereum network. Currently, the created asset is on the JumpNet network. This feature will be available when JumpNet 1.2 will be released.


Users can burn single/multiple assets by using the Melt option.

Click on the highlighted icon in the below screenshot and select Melt Item.

ENJIN Jumpnet

Confirm the process by providing approval from your wallet application. Once confirmed, the user will receive the above-mentioned JENJ token amount in their wallet. The overall supply will be reduced accordingly.

Convert JENJ Into ENJ

At any time, users can convert their JENJ tokens into ENJ by using their wallet application. As mentioned earlier, this step would cost you gas charges to move the tokens from the JumpNet network to the Ethereum network.

To migrate, click on the JENJ token, and you will find the MOVE TO ENJ option.

Enter the amount of JENJ that you want to convert into ENJ and confirm the process.

ENJIN Jumpnet


Enjin is one of the leading online blockchain gaming projects. The platform is the creator of the ERC-1155 NFT standard. The tokens created using this standard are unique and can be used across multiple games. It is built on Ethereum and thus involves certain concern over the high gas cost and slow speed. However, with JumpNet, the platform has geared to attract more users by offering secure and gasless on-chain transactions. Users can mint NFTs and transfer them to other users without worrying about the transaction cost. JumpNet NFTs are compatible with trading in the Enjin marketplace. The platform is planning to launch permanent two-way ERC-1155 and ENJ bridges between JumpNet, Ethereum, and Efinity in the future. Efinity is a Polkadot-based NFT blockchain that is going to be launched on CoinList on June 24.

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