How To Use the Enjin Wallet - Part 2

In our previous article (Part 1) on the Enjin Wallet, we have already explained how you can create, import, and watch a wallet. In this article, we will focus on the different features that the platform offers to its users.


Enjin has its own ERC-1155 digital token standard that you can use to create the following:

  • Fungible (currencies) assets
  • Non-fungible (NFT) (digital cards, pets, and in-game assets) assets

Using the Enjin Wallet, you can send, receive, or melt these NFTs.

The wallet also supports the multi-send option of these collectibles to other users.

enjin wallet

Scan QR

This option allows you to scan any QR code to claim free collectibles. Using this feature, you can instantly receive ERC-20 airdrops, altcoins, or valuable ERC-721 and ERC-1155 digital assets.

The wallet also supports a feature called Enjin Beam, which is a QR-powered blockchain asset distribution service. The Scan QR feature allows you to claim giveaways on the Enjin Wallet. You can easily get these giveaways on various websites, games, and promotional activities.

enjin wallet


This feature allows you to swap one token into another. Users need to fill the token pair and input token value. The amount you will receive and the transaction details will be automatically calculated and displayed to you.

However, the exchange facility is supported by third-party platforms (Enjin partner) like Changelly Dynamic, Bancor, Kyber Network, etc. Each platform has different exchange speeds and swapping charges.

enjin wallet


Users can directly access the Enjin marketplace from the Enjin Wallet. The Enjin marketplace is a platform that allows users to trade digital collectibles (ERC-1155 tokens). Users can browse and purchase all available NFTs and can pay directly from the wallet itself.

enjin wallet

dApp browser

This option allows you to interact with a different decentralized application that the platform supports. If you navigate through the dApp browser, you can easily see a huge number of applications which are categorized into five different main sections:

  • DeFi
  • Exchanges
  • Games & Collectibles
  • Marketplace
  • Others

enjin wallet

Linked apps

This option allows you to link any game or application to the Enjin Wallet.

Now suppose if you want to link a game like Bitcoin Hodler. You first download the game from the Google Play Store. To link the game to your Enjin Wallet, get the linking code or QR code. This code needs to be embedded into the wallet to access the game through your Enjin Wallet.

enjin wallet

enjin wallet

enjin wallet

The Settings tab allows you to do various setup and admin-related work like password changes, managing wallets and contacts, wallet backup, language preference, security mode, and many more.

enjin wallet


Enjin Wallet is a feature-packed wallet. Its most important advantage is the capability to integrate ERC 1155 tokens. Users can use the same tokens in multiple games. The tokens are unique. The wallet enables direct NFT sales. We believe the wallet is way ahead of its time. Also, ERC 1155 tokens have huge advantages compared to ERC 721 tokens. However, there is one important problem to resolve. Enjin is built on Ethereum and with such slow speeds, it is difficult for Enjin to integrate games that require immediate token linkings. To resolve this, Enjin is bringing out its scaling solution, Efinity. Once Efinity is out, the full features of the Enjin Wallet will be truly unlocked.

Resources: Enjin whitepaper

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