Launchpads are becoming popular nowadays. It brings democracy to the token sale of new crypto projects by allowing common users to participate in the token launch. Your allocation depends upon your tiers in the Launchpad platform. The higher amount you have staked, the higher will be your tier, and hence your allocation. MEXC exchange has its own launchpad. MEXC users can participate in project launching organized by the platform. It gives easy access to MX token holders to invest in new crypto projects.

So, in this article, we will explain what are the basic steps that users need to follow to participate in projects launched on the MEXC exchange.

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Basic Steps To Follow To Join MEXC Launchpad

Each launchpad activity in MEXC generally follows the below basic steps:

  1. MEXC Launchpad Snapshot Period

Users need to hold the MX token in their spot account for 4-5 days. The platform randomly takes a snapshot of users’ holding of MX token in one day. It then calculates the mean of the user holding for this period and allocates the same amount to the users to invest in the launchpad. During this time frame, users may add/remove tokens if they wish.  Note that, any changes in their holding will impact their potential allocation.

  1. Subscription Period of MEXC Launchpad

Subscription is a 24hr time frame. When open, eligible users need to sign the Token Purchase Agreement that counts their commitment to deposit their tokens towards the new project. Users can click on the Commit Now button to commit the amount (less than the max of their allocation) that they wish to deposit to the project.

MEXC Launchpad

  1. Launchpad Tokens Distribution

Wait for the token distribution event to claim your allocated tokens.

  1. Trading Period

Once you have received the token and the trading is live, you can trade the token in the market.

Buy The MX (MEXC) Token

The first step to participating in the launchpad is to acquire the MX token as this feature is only available for MX token holders. Users need to hold the MX token in their MEXC spot account. They can buy the token from any of the below-supported platforms. The easiest is to just buy it on MEXC.

MEXC Launchpad

However, they need to hold the token in their MEXC account to be eligible for participation in Launchpad activities.

Users also need to go through the KYC verification process to become eligible for participating in Launchpad. So, make sure you have done your KYC if you plan to participate.

Access The MEXC Launchpad

To use the Launchpad, visit the website. Login to your account, now go to Earn-> Launchpad.  You will see the below screen.

MEXC Launchpad

Currently, no project is in planning for a token launch.

For any upcoming project launch, you may find a reverse timer clock that displays the time remaining for the token launch. So, keep an eye on the upcoming project launching event.

When the timer hits the project launch event, the Participate button will be enabled. You can hit that button to participate.

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How To Calculate Participation Limit

Users can check their own limits for any launching project. Your allocation is decided by following the below rules:

Allocation = Your Individual committed MX / Total committed MX by all participants) * Total Project tokens to be sold on Launchpad.

The amount of MX to be deducted= (participant’s final token allocation *Project Token*IEO price) / MX average price

Users need to have enough MX tokens in their accounts to claim all the allocated project tokens. Note that, once you commit to depositing the MX token into the pool, it will be temporally locked.

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