Is RNDR's Rise Huge Compared to Solana's AI Gem?

AI is one of the hot narratives right now. And it’s not going away anytime soon. But there are lots of different verticals in this sector.

Such as training LLMs (large language models), building AI agents, automation services, and more. But today, we have an ai gem in one of our favorite areas of this fast-growing sector. GPU marketplaces. Do you feel like you missed out on Render or Akash and they are too expensive now? Then you will want to check out today’s project. The token is coming out any day and it already has major exchange listings waiting for it. Meet

What is calls itself the Internet of GPUs. And that’s a good way to think about it, too. GPUs, often used in gaming, and now AI, are why NVIDIA is one of the most popular and hyped companies in the world right now. They make those chips.

And AI needs them. BAD. And so do machine learning programs. They need tons of computing power. Projects cannot live without it. These types of infrastructure projects are one of our favorite industry sectors. Infrastructure that projects need. Many of you have seen that NVIDIA stock is now one of the darlings of the investment world. This is why. Their newest GPU chip specifically for running AI applications will cost between 30-40,000 dollars. A new project can’t afford that.

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More Background

This ai gem is a Solana-based project to provide a marketplace for GPU computing power. Instead of spending 30k to buy it, you can buy as much computing power as you need, or rent it from others in the marketplace. You’ve seen this before. Akash and Render both do this. And do it very well.

And there’s room for more than 2 winners in the category because the demand for computing power is so huge. Unlike Akash and Render, IO has a focus on machine learning programs too. Not only AI. The IO Cloud has everything a machine learning or AI gem needs right out of the box. You can plug and play.

There is a huge demand for machine learning including at many legacy fintech firms. So IO’s market is enormous. Machine learning alone is growing at 35% per year and AI is growing even faster than that.

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IO offers more chips and more access, with more memory for less money than Microsoft Azure. Offerings

Any project can start in seconds instead of taking days or weeks to deploy on AWS, Google, or Microsoft, with plug-and-play access to the IO Cloud. Here are three important features:

  • IO Cloud

We’ve talked about IO Cloud some already. It’s the decentralized set of GPU clusters. So every node in the group is running a high-powered GPU. That’s a lot of computing power ready for you.

  • IO Worker

The IO Worker is where you lend excess computing power to the network. Two big-name partners doing that on IO are Render for GPUs and Filecoin for storage. The IO Workers act like your rental manager to see that your assets are used best and earn you some extra money.

  • IO Explorer

With Etherscan or Solscan you can scan the entire blockchain for wallets or transactions. With IO Explorer, you can scan the entire IO network. You can see detailed stats and data about the network. All without you revealing your data while doing so. The data you manage in the network is yours. But how much of the network you are using is public?

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You can see things like where GPUs are so you can deploy where they are closest, fastest, or safest. Or avoid specific areas that you want. The fact that it has these offerings in the largest decentralized network in the world AND it’s cheaper than the big centralized guys means great deals for users and computing power providers alike. What is your favorite AI gem right now? Let us know in the comments below.

The $IO Token

The $IO token is not out yet. So you are pre-TGE and token launch. But it IS coming soon. So here is what we do know. You can see running in the background here how easy it is to set up the IO Worker.  Now the token will launch on Solana as an SPL token.

The initial supply of this ai gem, per the team, will be 500 million tokens out of a total supply of 800 million. Early investors and the team will have their tokens locked for a year with a 24-month vesting for investors and a 36-month vesting for the team. The remaining 300 million will all be for community rewards. That’s a big number. 37.5%.

Here’s something new and different. Stakers and suppliers to the marketplace get rewards every hour and at a decreasing rate over time. So this means getting in early with your computing power will pay more. The declining rate is there due to the projected increase in demand over time for more GPU computing power.

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Inflation will be 8% per year but it will drop 12% AND there is a burn program in place for part of the fees earned. This is a pretty decent tokenomics setup. And we love to burn programs. We know the $IO token won’t be mandatory for marketplace payments but customers will save 2% in fees if they use it. Kucoin,, Bitget, and Bybit are just 4 of the exchanges that already offer pre-market trading on $IO. That means 2 things:

  1. The token launch is coming soon.
  2. The likelihood of exchange listings at or right after launch is high. They wouldn’t be following in pre-market otherwise.

Every major ecosystem has its big AI project:

  • Render, who is a partner of IO, is an EVM project.
  • Akash is a Cosmos project.
  • Solana has its big AI project with IO.

Check out IO today and stay tuned for the upcoming token launch.


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