Master These 6 Secrets to Beat Most of Crypto Traders

If you suck at research, you might have to depend on alpha callers to make life-changing money. We all know waiting for Alpha callers is like waiting for snow in Seychelles. It is never going to happen.

Research is one way to stay at the top of your trading game, and there are many ways to do it. Today, we will discuss a tool that is mainly overlooked but has much potential. People only check market cap and trading volume with it, but you can set up alerts and get the most out of it. 

Dexscreener is that tool, and it is the best tool for getting your next 1000x memecoins. We are in the meme era. No matter how we scream that memes have no utility, they are the new meta and the one way to take our portfolio to the moon. We put up this article to help you get your next 100x token for crypto traders. 

Steps to Follow when Using Dexscreener

It would be realistic to identify that, once again, we are in the memecoin era. Now, you have to use it, take good memecoin trades, take profit, and leave a moon bag. To make significant figures in the bullish era, you must be familiar with Dexscreener. You need to know how to pull your strings around the tool and get the most out of it.

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Step 1: Getting Started

To get started, look at the blockchain networks with high performance and the most hyped-up community. For now, Solana and Base fit into this category. Now, do this to get started:

  • Go to Dexscreener.
  • There is no need for registration; you can stay anonymous.
  • Click on “Filter”.
  • Check through the list of blockchain networks.
  • Select the ones with high volumes, in this case, SOL or Base.
Step 2: Observe New Pairs

To observe new pairs, you need to:

  • Go to Dexscreener for new pairs.
  • Click on “Filter”. 
  • The next thing to click on is “All platforms”.
  • Choose Solana because of its recent high performance and active community.
  • Check for coins with potential by looking up their website and community.
Extra Tip

If the website is attractive, the team has invested time in making a good project—it would not dump fast. If the community is active, the team and everyone involved are working towards keeping it afloat. One more thing: We are looking at Solana because significant memecoins launched there.

Step 3: Carry out Certain Functions

You have to take this step because it would determine whether you’ll see the next 1000x memecoin. Here is what you’ll do: you must set certain criteria for specific tokens on your screen:

  • Set the liquidity threshold to $10k.
  • Market cap range to $50k-$1M.
  • Maximum pair age to 72 hours.
  • Minimum buy within 24 hours to be 50.
  • Minimum sale within 24 hours to be 30.
  • Minimum 5-minute transactions should be 10.

If you set your dexscreener this way, it only displays tokens that meet the criteria. We want to avoid buying into a token that has surpassed $1M. If the token doesn’t get a minimum of 10 transactions within five minutes, it doesn’t have the hype memecoins usually do have. 

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Step 4: In-Depth Analysis

In this case, you’ll have to check some metrics for each token you’ve chosen to identify as a gem. You’ll have to check these metrics:

  • Marketcap and FDV.
  • Transaction data.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Notable token holders.
  • Leading traders.
  • Liquidity providers.

These metrics provide more precise insights into what the token is all about. Ensure the token has locked liquidity. Check if the trading volume is at least $10k within five minutes. You can also check the social media engagement to see how much they invested in the token. 

Check for notable token holders and liquidity providers and study the chart movement. You can also use the market cap and FDV to determine the strength of the token. You can go as far as checking the number of buys and sells.

These processes would keep you a mile away from rug pulls and pull you closer to potential 1000x memecoins.

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Step 5: Take Advantage of Multicharts

Use multicharts to get a better view of a token and other metrics. In trading, a better view equals a better trading experience. You will notice significant changes in the token if you are more precise.

  • Go to Dexscreeener Multicharts.
  • Add your token.
  • Track your preferred token.
  • You can add charts of whatever token you want.
  • Customize it to your liking.

Do this to track several coins and immediately act when a change occurs.

Step 6: Price Alerts

Setting up price alerts is one thing that allows you to see 1000x tokens on time. Price alerts are essential. With them, you get to notice the little changes in price and get your funds ready to buy your preferred tokens. Set up price alerts to buy a token by choosing the token price to receive the alert.

To use the price alert feature, you should go to any pair and click the alert button on the right. When you do so, click “Enable notifications.” Set it to Alert me when the price goes over “Choose the amount you want,” and create an alert. You will get a notification when it meets the price you set.

These procedures are simple yet effective means of getting tokens with potential. Everybody needs access to information on this aspect of Dexscreener. You have this information, so you should use it to your advantage. 

This article was inspired by this X thread.


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