Own Any of These Big Narrative Altcoins?

What are we bullish on for the rest of 2025 Well here is a hint: A bridge, a cross-chain info and messaging platform that also has a bridge, and 2 Layer Zero chains.

Got any ideas? It’s interoperability. This month, we return to a consistent source of quality projects. We look at those that focus on interoperability. Today, we have 4 great altcoins. All familiar with these altcoins that we shouldn’t forget just because they aren’t AI or a memecoin. Let’s check out our favorite interoperability altcoins.

1) Chainlink (LINK)

First in our bull run narrative is Chainlink. This might be our favorite category. Infrastructure. If smart contracts grow, then Chainlink grows. If the RWA sector grows, then Chainlink will grow. If the AI sector grows, then Chainlink will grow. And if all 3 grow, then Chainlink should explode in value. Or check out how this lending protocol would have prevented a flash loan exploit if they used Chainlink.

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The old argument for Chainlink, which still applies today, is smart contract growth equals Chainlink growth. Now, RWA is one of the few profitable sectors in alts and everyone is running to find price-fed oracles. And of these oracles, Chainlink is the clear leader.

To build on the cross-chain argument even more, Chainlink developed its bridge. Its name is Transporter. Transporter so far is only on 8 EVM chains. But that number will grow and they use Chainlink’s CCIP as its backbone for messaging and security.

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Transporter and our next token, which is a bridge, reinforces the idea that the future is multi-chain. We believe strongly in this thesis and in interoperability solutions like Chainlink to help make that a reality.

2) Wanchain (WAN)

Next, we have another of these altcoins: Wanchain. They are, by far, our favorite bridge. It’s the safest. It’s the most trustless and decentralized. It’s been around the longest and has the best reputation. Plus, the 4 most popular assets to hold, buy, or sell all have many easy and fast bridging solutions. The 4 we mean are Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT.

It’s particularly good using Wanchain’s XFlows program where you can bridge native tokens from one chain to another. Say you receive USDT on ETH, but you need it over on Polygon to make a purchase or trade. Then, it’s both faster and cheaper to use XFlows than the native Polygon Bridge.

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The same is true across other L2s or EVM chains. It’s faster, more direct, and cheaper with Wanchain. And now, they can link native USDC from Noble on Cosmos to more than 10 other blockchains that also offer native USDC. That’s the power of XFlows. No derivatives or wrapped products.

Combine all this with the new conversion of fees into $WAN and their new Convert n Burn program, and you have something cooking. Both the Wanchain Bridge and the $WAN token are worth a look.

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If you need to bridge, and especially so with stablecoins like USDC, then you need to check out the Wanchain Bridge. So with 2 bridges so far, it makes sense to ask you. What is your favorite bridge? Let us know in the comments.

3) Cosmos (ATOM)

On to another of our longtime favorites. Plus, it’s another in the story of interoperability. Cosmos is another of these altcoins. Price-wise, $ATOM holders have had a tough year. $ATOM is down 12% in the last 12 months and 45% in the last 3 months. So all the losses are recent.

But despite the price action, Cosmos keeps growing. There are currently 89 zones in the Map of Zones. And that number seems to only grow each quarter. Interestingly, of all IBC volume, that is bridge volume between Cosmos chains, the Cosmos Hub is only #6 in volume. Number 1 is the Osmosis DEX.

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The fundamentals for the Cosmos Hub are strong. They are integrating Bitcoin security in Cosmos consumer chains. Plus, Bitcoin “stakers” can earn rewards staking on the Cosmos Hub or in some of the consumer chains. This is taking the best of Bitcoin’s PoW consensus and security and Cosmos’ Interchain Security together.

Speaking of which, Interchain Security (ICS) is now widespread in Cosmos. This adds value to the $ATOM token AND the Layer 1 chain on Cosmos. The 2.0 version has even more improvements. Now many can do what Celestia did and become a modular chain focusing on the data layer or application layers while Cosmos handles the security.

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Then other great fundamentals haven’t changed like:

  • Best and easiest SDK for building out a chain that’s fast, secure, and inexpensive
  • Transparent active governance
  • The growing popularity of Web Assembly (COSMWASM) right behind EVM for smart contracts
  • Excellent staking rewards for staking the $ATOM token

So we see nothing but improvements from Cosmos, yet the token has taken a bit of a beating. We see this as a buying opportunity

4) Polkadot (DOT)

The last of these interoperability altcoins is Polkadot. As a Layer 0, it’s often compared with Cosmos. We like both projects. Like Cosmos, in the last 3 months, it’s down by almost half. But over the last 12 months, $DOT is up 41%. 

It took a brutal beating during that last bear market. It was down as low as under $4. Techwise, and to improve decentralization, Polkadot is making lots of improvements. They are lumped together in this update called Polkadot 2.0.

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For example, now a Polkadot parachain can use an old DOT Relay Chain block to support higher transaction volumes and more throughput for each parachain. They are calling this Asynchrononous Backing.

Elastic Scaling lets parachains scale up faster but only when necessary. They can lease more cores (computing power to process blocks) directly from Polkadot OR another parachain. And they can do so based on short-term or longer-term needs.

Source: X

Polkadot just keeps building and getting better. Its tech improves and its apps and protocols do too. Again, we see this recent dip as a buying opportunity for a good potential long-term hold of a quality project.


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