The ONLY 4 Altcoins We Are Buying Right Now

Market conditions are a little rough right now. You don’t need us to tell you that. Bitcoin is sideways. Most alts are down. Some are way, way down.

So where are we getting our best ideas from? From our crack Research Team and their contributions to Altcoin Buzz Alpha. Not familiar with Alpha yet? Well, let’s show you some gems, under the radar or only recently launched altcoins that can make up for some of these big cap losses.

1) Creta World

Investing in gaming looks like a smart thing to do now. Investors are pushing their funds into that market. Also, recent statistics predict huge growth in the Web3 gaming space. The global blockchain market will be valued at approximately $4.6 billion in 2022. But experts expect that figure to reach $65.7 billion by 2027. This means it would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.3% during this period​. 

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Creta World is one of our favorites in this sector. There’s already a lot of competition in this market. The likes of Animoca Brands, Wemade, Immutable, Sky Mavis (developers of Axie Infinity), and Dapper Labs, are seeking to dominate the gaming market. But a lot of us are rooting for Creta because they have a unique edge that these guys do not. 

Creta does not just give you premium entertainment through games, it also empowers you to create. Now, that’s a unique angle. So, with Creta, developers can leverage ready-made tools to build to their taste. They can leverage smart contracts to:

  • License their creations.
  • Monetize in-game items as NFTs.
  • Deploy games on the Creta platform for other players to play. 

This means Creta will attract lots of developers, which adds to the value of its $CRETA token. Creta also introduces newer versions of classic games. Their focus is to lure lots of Web2 gamers to Web3. This is good for the entire gaming market. Let’s talk about their game quality. Creta are in partnership with Yoshiki Okamoto. He’s a legend among game developers. So, rest assured Creta’s games are of the highest quality. 

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Their first game “The Rise: Kingdom Under Fire” is already up and running. The game is a remake of the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ game that launched on PC in 2000. The game features PvP elements, and competitive modes to climb the ranks. The graphics are also top-quality. The game uses NFTs for ownership. It is available on mobile, PC, etc.

2) ASI

The next of these altcoins today isn’t exactly a low cap. But it is a unique opportunity. It’s $ASI. I know some of you are aware of this but many of you may not be. It’s a merger of 3 different AI projects and their tokens. ASI is the Super Intelligence Alliance. The projects are:

  1. SingularityNET.
  3. Ocean Protocol.

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All 3 are quality AI altcoins on their own. So why are they getting together? Our Research Team tells us they are combining their efforts to save money since LLM model development is expensive. Plus, they believe they can do more together than separately or even in looser partnerships. Singularity’s specialty is its research stack and ecosystem.

Fetch’s specialty is autonomous AI agents that perform tasks. Ocean Protocol’s specialty is data sharing for AI purposes. If you already have any of these altcoins, then you will want to either:

  • Deposit to a Centralized Exchange and they will convert for you OR
  • Wait until the token bridge comes online to transfer your current tokens for $ASI.

This merge’s expected FDV or fully diluted value is $7.5 billion. That would make it the biggest AI token in the industry. Right now, Fetch is #1 at $5.4 billion while Singularity and Ocean add another $1.7 billion. So right now, that $7.1 billion in current market value is a discount to the merge price value.

The Arbitrage Opportunity

Here is the big opportunity that our researchers found for us. The exchange rates between the tokens and $ASI are:

  • 1 $FET = 1 $ASI.
  • 1 $OCEAN = 0.433226 $ASI.
  • 1 $AGIX = 0.433350 $ASI.

And the base prices at the merged value are:

  • $FET $2.82.
  • $AGIX $1.22.
  • $OCEAN $1.22.

What does this mean? This means opportunity. If Fetch trades below $2.82 OR Singularity or Ocean trade below $1.22, then you can arbitrage. We know these are the prices on the merge date. Remember, arbitrage is a risk-free trade. And right now, the prices for these 3 are:

  • $FET at $2.18
  • $AGIX at $0.91
  • $OCEAN at $0.91

So right now, you can buy Fetch for $2.18 knowing it will swap to $ASI at $2.82 and it’s the same asset. And the other two, are the same thing between 91 cents and $1.22. That’s risk-free since it’s the same asset. Merger delays or the deal falling through post-approval are the main risks here. But these are good altcoins to hold on their own. So that means downside risk is lower. And depending on the day this airs, this opportunity might still be available.

Source: X

Our Alpha members have known for weeks though. Do you hold any of these altcoins? Are you excited for the merger? Let us know in the comments below.

3) Peaq

Next, we have an unreleased token in the hot sector of DePIN. Peaq. Our Alpha researchers spend a ton of time digging into data on unreleased altcoins to find great opportunities like this one. It’s probably time you and I don’t have. Peaq is a Layer 1 chain popular with Energy, Mobile, and Real World Asset projects around the world.

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They would call themselves the DePIN infrastructure layer behind other DePINs. More than 25 DePINs already use Peaq as a way to keep their infrastructure networks secure and decentralized. One other thing we love about this project is how decentralized it is. At 90+, Peaq’s Nakamoto Coefficient makes it the most decentralized Layer 1 or Layer 0 of all Proof of Stake networks.

I know that was a mouthful but what’s important is the De part of DePIN is the most decentralized of everyone in the sector. If decentralization matters to you, then this is an important project to watch. The token launch on Coinlist just took place on May 9th, so not long ago.

And here are the tokenomics that you can check out for yourself. Often the main issue we have with DePIN altcoins is tokenomics. But they are pretty good here and other than private rounds, the public has a near-equal chance to get in and get some $PEAQ for your portfolio.

Source: X

This one has been on the Alpha watch list for weeks just waiting for TGE. Six-month lockups for early backers could mean a discount on this one in 6 months. As you and I have seen, sometimes unlocks lead to selling pressure and sometimes they don’t.

4) Trade

Last on our AB Alpha radar today is Polytrade. It’s in the RWA sector. Polytrade is a true marketplace. They currently have 20 different categories of assets. They have what you would expect like Real Estate and Equity. But they have tokenized versions of metals and even collectibles too.

Polytrade made a big technical advance for the industry too. Their team created the ERC-6960 token standard. It’s a mix of the 2 main NFT standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155 and the main ERC-20 token standard. This new dual-layer token allows for easy fractional ownership.

Source: X

It’s like cutting a pizza into slices instead of creating tiny one-slice-sized pizza for every one of the 2000 fractional owners of an office building. This will make:

  • Asset management.
  • Accounting and tax compliance.
  • NFT management and tracking.
  • And interoperability for projects between chains is all MUCH easier than if everyone got their own separate NFT representing their 1/2000th share of their investment.

Add a decent tokenomics breakdown of:

  • Token Allocation:
    • Community and Incentives: 40%.
    • Marketing/LP rewards: 20%.
    • Sales: 19.5%.
    • Team: 17%.
    • Economic partners and advisors: 4%.

But with the caveat that 50% of the total supply is locked until 2028, then this still looks pretty good.

Source: X

At a market cap of $37.6 million, this one has A LOT of room to run. And we and the Altcoin Buzz Alpha team think it will. Have you tried Altcoin Buzz Alpha yet? If you liked the tokens and narratives you heard about today, then AB Alpha is definitely for you. Check out newest projects, unreleased tokens, under the radar gems, and portfolio strategies all for only $15/month. Click this link and check it out today.


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