The Ultimate Crypto Tools Pack

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Let’s discover other crypto tools that you should be aware of.

1) Dune Analytics

DuneAnalytics is a data analytics platform that makes blockchain data accessible to all. You do not need to crack codes to get data for research. On-chain data is complex, but Dune makes it easy to comprehend.

DuneAnalytics’s dashboard and published queries are accessible to everyone. You can get data sets with SQL and customize your dashboards. Dune visualizes data using graphs and charts. Note that it supports Ethereum and its layer-two scaling solutions.

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2) Flipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto is a leading platform in blockchain data analytics and design. There are many services on Flipside Crypto that make it easy to explore the platform. Many crypto traders, data analysts, and Investors use Flipside crypto.

Flipside Crypto provides data from different blockchain networks to help improve Web3. this platform is all about transparency and making blockchain data accessible to all. With Flipside Crypto, you can check charts and on-chain data without much stress. You also get access to verified insights to supplement your research.

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3) Token Terminal

You can use Token Terminal to get on-chain data. You do not need coding knowledge to get access to it.

It offers financial metrics about protocols for in-depth research. Investors use the results from the data analysis to know their next investment move. You can also use it to track and analyze promising projects. Token Terminal gives crypto analysts insights that make them stay at the top.

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4) Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain data analytics tool. It helps investors increase their investment returns. You can access data through Nansen Query using the Nansen Research Portal.

Nansen uses artificial intelligence to provide the best services. With Nansen, you can check L2s, and DeFi protocols, among others. Nansen is reliable for on-chain data analysis and research.

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5) Footprint Analytics

Footprint analytics leverages A.I. to help analysts and investors gain market insights. Footprint offers a wide range of tools and features for visualization. It also collects data and parses it from different chains. 

You can also build charts and dashboards without coding experience. It also provides a multi-chain API for NFTs, Gamefi, and DeFi.

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CryptoQuant is a top on-chain and market data analytics provider for crypto investors. It provides users with services to help analyze crypto market data. 

CryptoQuant provides users with both on-chain and off-chain data. It is an easy-to-use, no-code platform. You can customize it to get alpha using the drag-and-drop interface in CryptoQuant.

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7) Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs is a community-driven crypto tool for investigating, tracking, and monitoring crypto activities. It is accessible to everyone and a good option if you have a whale wallet you want to track.

From all of these crypto tools, this platform provides tools for analyzing on-chain data and visualizing insights on crypto transactions. With Breadcrumbs, you can track token transfers and see narratives early.

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8) Glassnode

Glassnode provides financial metrics, charts, data, and insights into different digital assets. You can also explore price trends and conduct research. Also, you get insights into capital flows and market sentiments.

Top crypto investors use Glassnode because it provides market insights using on-chain analysis. Glassnode focuses on cryptocurrency, including stablecoins and the derivative market.  There are more research tools. It include:

They all serve the same purpose as the ones we discussed. They are all on-chain data analytics tools available to make research more accessible. Let’s say you found good tokens after using these research tools. What’s the next step?

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9) Token Unlocks

With Token Unlocks, you can reveal the information about a token. This is a very famous platform for the crypto tools we are showing you. In it, you do not need to scroll through the whitepaper to get token details.

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10) VestLab

VestLab is an analytics service that provides tokenomics information and financial metrics.  With VestLab, you can track the ICO return on investment of any crypto project you choose.

VestLab also provides information on upcoming and ongoing token sales. You can use VestLab to track token price movements. For your token research, you use VestLab features to your advantage.

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11) DexCheck AI

DexCheck AI utilizes AI to unlock token information. You get AI-inspired analytics. You can use DexCheck AI alongside other DeFi protocols: it’s cross-chain compatible. DexCheck AI has special tools for traders, regardless of their trading experiences. It also offers real-time token prices, keeping you updated on market movements.

This platform also provides comprehensive market data and financial metrics. It includes information on price performance, trading volume, and token information.

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12) Bubblemaps

It’s a platform for visualizing blockchain data. Everything here appears colorful and pleasing to the eyes. If you can visualize it, you can live it. A visual representation gives you an idea of what you are getting into.

You can use Bubblemaps to invest in wallets and connections. You can also connect your OpenSea Pro to observe on-chain NFT activities. Bubble maps support data visualization across several blockchains.

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13) Spot On Chain

Spot On Chain is a data analytics platform. It provides on-chain data using excellent features for traders. It simplifies the complex process of getting blockchain data, making research more accessible.

Spot On Chain leverages AI to analyze data, making it much more efficient. To increase accessibility, Spot On Chain has an easy-to-use mobile version.

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14) Whalemap

Whalemap is a data analytics company that provides actionable data and trading insights. With Whalemap, you can identify and track whale activities. You also get access to historical data and other trading strategies. WhaleMap is easy to use and gives you access to Alchemy’s features.

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You’ve explored the tokens and seen market movers; the next step is hunting for a potential 100x. We will look into more crypto tools in the third part of this article.


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