Top 3 Altcoin Gems to Buy and Hold

Market conditions are a little rough right now. You don’t need us to tell you that. Bitcoin is sideways. Most alts are down. Some are way, way down. So where are we getting our best ideas from?

From our crack Research Team and their contributions to Altcoin Buzz Alpha. Not familiar with Alpha yet? Well, let’s show you some altcoin gems, under the radar or only recently launched projects that can make up for some of these big cap losses.

1) ChainGPT

Just like our last time on this subject, we are using the Research from our excellent Altcoin Buzz Alpha team. Then we are combining that with the hot narratives in the industry. So we start in AI, and we are starting with the first of these Altcoin Gems: ChainGPT.

ChainGPT is nothing but AI tools to help blockchain projects. That could include:

  • Chatbots.
  • Smart Contract Generator in Solidity, which is the language of EVM smart contracts.
  • Smart Contract Auditors.
  • NFT generators.
  • And even trading assistants for DEXes and trading platforms to use.

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So you can see that ChainGPT offers a lot of help. They have an easy-to-use SDK and API access too. This makes access easy and smooth for developer teams. Then one of its best but most underrated features is the ChainGPT Launchpad. With it, you can crowdfund not just AI but DePIN, Decentralized Social, or other Web3 projects.

For all the great tools the platform offers, its market value is lower than you might expect. At just under 20 cents, the current market cap is $80.2 million. There is A LOT of room to run on this one. About half of their total supply, 489 million out of 998 million is in circulation.

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Omnia Protocol, which we covered recently, is among the IDO and incubation projects ChainGPT has available. ChainGPT’s $CGPT token has had a rough last month down 23% although still up 65% in the last 12 months. That’s much better than most alts have held up, especially in 2024 so far.

2) Hivemapper

The second of these altcoin gems is Hivemapper. It is the Google Maps of Web3. Of all the “this is the _____ of Web3”, Google Maps is one we haven’t seen before. Until now. Hivemapper is on Solana and they have a huge head start on anyone else wanting to compete in location. DePIN or not. They’ve mapped 19% of all the roads in the world.

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Many people see Solana strictly as a shitcoin or memecoin network. Or even as a VC network. But for a project like Hivemapper, Solana’s perceived lack of decentralization due to its VC influence is a benefit. The protocol itself is decentralized with over 143,000 contributors. So there’s a lot “De” in this DePIN project no matter what you think about Solana. Then Solana’s speed and low fees help the project even more.

More About Hivemapper

A common argument you hear about decentralized systems against centralized ones is that decentralization is more expensive. And for stuff like databases, that’s true. But crowdsourcing info for maps is an area where the decentralized nature makes it much, much cheaper than when Google does this for Maps. That’s even with paying out rewards.

Source: X

Hivemapper’s native $HONEY token at almost 8 cents means it has a $133 million market cap. That might be on the high end of low caps but we like it anyway. $HONEY is down 60% in the last 3 months and 18% in the last 30 days.

Yet, even with that selling action, $HONEY is still up 378% in the last year making it one of the year’s top non-memecoin performers. We think Hivemapper can recapture that recent high of 20 cents making for a 2.5x return for holders.

3) ClearPool

And in the RWA sector, we have the last of this altcoin gems is Clearpool. Right there on the front of the website, it says what it does. A decentralized credit marketplace. Its Prime network is for institutions. Complete with the KYC and AML checks and other things institutions need for regulatory compliance.

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Its Permissionless lending is one liquidity pool matched with only one institutional borrower. Borrowers here include fiat on-ramp Banxa, who is borrowing USDC on Avalanche at 21% APR payable every 7 days. So they are using Clearpool as a credit line to fund their customers’ crypto card purchases with either debit cards or Google Pay. Pretty cool. Some of these pools including the Banxa pool require KYC while others don’t. 

Their credit marketplace means that high-quality borrowers don’t have to fully collateralize to borrow like in other DeFi protocols. I would read up on how they do their credit scoring and understand the risks before investing. But they use sound time-tested strategies and the returns are risk-adjusted based on how much credit you are giving to the borrower.

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At 17 cents, the $CPOOL token has a market value of $103 million. It’s been on a great run that we expect to continue. $CPOOL is up 44% in the last 30 days, 100% in the last 3 months, and a whopping 692% in the last 12 months. They are just crushing it and many are starting to notice. Our Alpha researchers sure did. For more information about these and other AI, DePIN or RWA projects, check out the source from today’s video, Altcoin Buzz Alpha.

With Alpha, you get our freshest research and you can talk to the Research Team directly, too. You get Gem calls, Portfolio Strategies, and more. One good trade pays for many years of fees at only $15/month. Give it a try at this link today.


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