how to survive the crypto bear market

Did we maybe speak too soon? What’s been happening to Bitcoin in the last 24 hours seems to be a bull trap.  And we might soon be in a sea of red numbers. But don’t worry. We are here to try to help as always.

If you were an Altcoin Buzz Access member, you got a report a couple of days ago expecting this to happen based on certain market forces. Yet just because we expected it doesn’t mean we aren’t still a little surprised and wondering if the bear market will continue or not. And because it might, we have a great combination of undervalued, strong projects that should hold up well if this Crypto Bear Market continues. Let’s check out some good bear market protection for your portfolio with the following 4 projects.

1 – DOT (Polkadot)

Polkadot is considered a Layer 0 chain. Yes, it has its blockchain and its ecosystem. Yet, parachains are what make it stand out. They are about interoperability. DOT uses partitioning to run in an energy-efficient way and scale up their main ‘relay’ chain.

Also, it allows for data within blocks to sit in different areas instead of each validator having to download the entire chain all the time. We’ve talked about its pedigree with ETH Co-founder Gavin Wood founding Polkadot and lots of other great details in some of our other videos.


Source: Polkadot

We’ve shown DOT a lot of love in recent months and recent market activity only increases our conviction in it.

Why do We like DOT Right Now?

Whether you call it Web3 or Layer 0, this is one of our favorites, and we feel most undervalued, parts of the crypto economy. And prices reflect it. DOT has gotten hammered in the last couple of months with no material change in its fundamentals.

Its fundamentals are better than ever. Parachain auctions and crowdloans keep going on. They draw huge crowds and interest. Their 14th auction is going on now. And those with their parachains are building great apps like:

  • Moonbeam
  • Efinity
  • And Centrifuge

A new fund is going to expand the ecosystem and make funding easier for parachains too. It’s a $250 million fund from 9 of the existing Parachain project teams. They believe in Polkadot, and we do too.

2 – ATOM (Cosmos)

ATOM, the native token of Cosmos, is our 2nd choice. First, let’s say that all our projects today are not going to be Layer 0 interoperability projects. Just these first two. Cosmos makes building out chains easy just like Polkadot does. Chains can connect to the Cosmos Hub through IBC or Inter Blockchain Communication. It’s one of the easiest places in the world to build out your chain. Before more about Cosmos, a question.

Cosmos blockchain ATOM

Source: Cosmos

Have you heard of Fat Protocol Theory? It was a theory made famous by VC firm Union Square Ventures. The idea is that all value will accrue to the Protocol layer and not the application layer. It’s a fancy way of saying, if you build lots of apps on top of Ethereum then ETH benefits more than the app tokens do.

And for a while this was true. Now we are less sure and people are wondering if protocols will continue to benefit. Then, if protocols do benefit, and you believe in it, then both Polkadot and Cosmos are WAY undervalued. To date, 263 apps and services have been built on Cosmos. It’s a huge success story.

Why Do We Like ATOM Right Now?

Cosmos counts among its chains like BNB Chain, Cronos, Terra Luna, KAVA, and secret network, among others. The top 3 on the list, Binance Chain,, and Terra Luna all individually have a higher market value than Cosmos itself has.

Also, ATOM has a market cap of $6 billion. But BNB Chain has a market cap of $67.9 billion and Terra is at $29.8 billion. And yet little of that value accrues to Cosmos. Little value may be strong. After all, Cosmos is the 22nd highest value project in all crypto. Yet Terra is 4x the size and BSC is 9x the size.

We like their ecosystem so much that we just recently did a video just on the potential airdrops you can take advantage of there. Do you think greater adoption among these chains or adding more chains will add more value to Cosmos and ATOM? We do.

And do you like learning about things like airdrops and new blockchain projects before the information hits the mainstream? Because if you do, then our Altcoin Buzz Access program is for you. It starts at only $99 per month.

3 – LINK (Chainlink)

Chainlink is the leader in providing oracles for smart contracts. This means they are safely and accurately reflecting off-chain data like stock prices into on-chain contracts. Much of this is through their easy-to-implement system of building and maintaining APIs.

It’s an incredibly important service and a service every DeFi app MUST have. It’s key for maintaining smart contracts. And most of them use Chainlink and its native token LINK. This is an infrastructure play. If you are bullish on DeFI, then it’s sensible to be bullish on Chainlink. No other oracle provider is even close to them.

Why do We Like LINK Right Now?

As we said, we like it because we like DeFi. And in this part of the DeFi infrastructure, LINK is the undisputed leader. Then, LINK has taken a beating along with most of the market but they keep growing their client base as more DeFi apps launch.

Also, we hear staking is FINALLY coming to the network sometime this year. Chainlink is just a great, undervalued project.

4 – XVS (Venus)

If you are a DeFi fan, then you probably know PancakeSwap. It’s by far the largest DeFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain. And 2nd by TVL? Venus Protocol. Venus is a lender and you can earn some nice returns like lending out USDC and earning 7.32%.

They have $2.4 billion in TVL. The largest asset by volume is BTCB, the BEP-20 token standard version of Bitcoin at almost $700 million. Since BTCB is on the BSC chain, you can lend and borrow Bitcoin using this token. It’s very popular compared to native Bitcoin’s non-DeFi-friendly features. 

Moreover, they have a decentralized stablecoin VAI that you can buy, lend or stake as well as utility token XVS and reward token VRT. All are available in the Venus Vault. The coin we are interested in is XVS.

Why do We Like Venus Right Now?

First, even the biggest DeFi researchers here at Altcoin Buzz were surprised to see that Venus was the 2nd largest protocol after CAKE. And more so that it had over $1 billion in TVL. Compared to other DeFi apps, Venus is tremendously undervalued. Market cap to TVL is a good way to measure this.

Thanks to DeFillama, we know that if Venus was going to have the same multiple as CAKE, its price would be 5x higher than it is right now today. We think Venus could easily make up some of that ground in this multiplier regardless of market conditions. That would mean some good alpha for you.

And it’s not just fundamentals either. When we look at the 90-day chart, it looks like the bottom came in about 6-8 weeks ago at $7.70. XVS has already bounced off that low to its current $11.83 in a slow steady uptrend bucking the overall market trend. We think that can continue.

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And that’s our bear market protection list. I’m sure the idea that we picked quality projects that are:

  • Not going anywhere anytime soon cause they do a great job and lead in their fields
  • Have great fundamentals despite market conditions
  • And have declined in price almost entirely due to the overall market trend instead of their excellent performance

Did not surprise you at all. Our thing is to pick quality. It could be low cap gems that are future big caps just waiting to be discovered or something like DOT that has lost half their value for essentially no reason at all.

Or maybe it’s a tremendous project like Cosmos. They do what they do so well that projects they helped launch have a higher market value than they do. Or maybe it’s the market leader in an important piece of DeFi infrastructure like ChainLink.

Or maybe it’s a leader who you didn’t know was a leader among BSC DeFi protocols: Venus. Each of these projects is a success story. And because market conditions are dismal, they are on sale for us to be able to buy. We think you should give them a look.

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