Top 4 Altcoins At 70% Discounts - Last Chance!

Altcoin season hasn’t really started yet if we look at the charts from the past 3 to 6 months. Even though people are feeling better about the market lately, it’s mostly because of Bitcoin. Can you name an altcoin that’s reached a new all-time high recently?

Most of the popular altcoins are kind of on a downward trend. Like this favorite here who took a 50% haircut recently.  But here’s the thing: that won’t last forever. The market is likely going to get better, and altcoin season will come. This means if you wait too long, you’ll end up paying more for them. Plus, you’ll miss out on making some good profits.

So, I’m going to share with you some altcoins that are currently at a discount. That means buying them now could be a smart move because they could be worth a lot more later on. Let’s dive into our list.

1) Edu3Labs

Alright, let’s break it down. Our first pick today is Edu3labs. We’ve mentioned this project a few times lately, and there’s a good reason for that. Online learning is booming, growing by a whopping 900% since 2000. Edu3labs is like the Udemy of Web3, blending blockchain with education.

It’s a platform where token holders, learners, and content creators team up to make learning more enjoyable. They use cutting-edge AI technology to personalize the learning experience for each user. Learners can even earn rewards through quizzes and courses, thanks to the Study-and-Earn model. And if you’re a content creator, you can make money from your content too.

Edu3labs doesn’t have any direct competition in Web3, unlike traditional platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. This means they offer unique features like crypto integration, NFTs, and earning rewards while learning.

They’ve got a thriving NFT marketplace where creators and learners can benefit and grow together. Plus, they recently launched an AI University, providing customized learning experiences. The Edu3Labs AI University Alpha version just went live, empowering users to learn and earn rewards.

Now, why should you consider grabbing some tokens now? Well, the NFE token is currently trading at a good entry price of $0.06213. It’s around 79% off its all-time high, so there’s potential for it to rise, possibly hitting $1. After all, it’s not just the leader in its sector.

They are the ONLY one in their sector and miles ahead of any potential competition coming in later. They have a huge first-mover advantage.

2) Chainlink

For our second project, we’ve got Chainlink. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the crypto scene lately, you’ve probably noticed the buzz around Chainlink (LINK). It’s been getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. So, Chainlink’s doing things a bit differently compared to other projects out there.

Instead of battling with other projects, Chainlink is all about pushing the whole industry forward with its unique approach.  How? Well, they’re tackling a big issue in the blockchain world. I’m talking about how to get info in and out of the blockchain effectively. Traditionally, this job falls into what we call oracles. These are sensors that can keep tabs on all sorts of stuff, from the weather to stock prices. 

Chainlink has a huge ambition. And that’s to build the world’s first blockchain oracle network. Imagine having a system that ensures everything’s running smoothly and the data’s spot-on. Now, here’s where it gets cool. 

Chainlink isn’t just about its price – though that’s always nice to see. It’s about the tech behind it. This project’s got serious real-world potential. Right now, LINK is trading at $13.88, but let me tell you, that’s not its highest point. Back in May, it hit $52.70 

Sure, it’s about 75% off that all-time high now, but with the bull market gearing up, who knows where it could go? Getting some LINK at $13 might just be the steal of the century compared to waiting for it to hit $50 or $60. Again, another sector leader, by a long way. Let’s get to the next one.

3) Avalanche

This one’s got some serious long-term potential, thanks to its growing ecosystem. Avalanche has been making waves lately. And is one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors. How? By focusing on speed, scalability, and security, without compromising on any of them.

But what sets Avalanche apart is its unique approach. Instead of relying on just one blockchain, it’s got three. Each of these handles different tasks. With this setup, Avalanche can process around 4,500 transactions per second. And wrap up a transaction in under two seconds

Avalanche has some big-name partnerships under its belt, like Mastercard and Deloitte. Plus, its ecosystem is booming, with over a hundred projects already on board. The future’s looking bright.

Right now, you can grab some AVAX for $34.78. Sure, it’s about 77% off its all-time high of $144.96, but that just means there’s room for growth. With more partnerships and developers flocking to Avalanche. So, the future looks solid.

4) Solana

Solana focuses on speed and scalability. It’s one of the top Layer 1 chains in the market. Solana’s built to handle a crazy number of transactions every second. This makes it a go-to for decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies. And the best part? It doesn’t sacrifice security or scalability while doing it.

Earlier this year, Solana caught everyone’s eye thanks to the performance of memecoins. Plus, it’s starting to get some serious attention from the mainstream crowd.

SOL currently trades at $141.66. Guess that? It is 50% below its ATH of $259.96. Getting Solana now could be a massive gain, as you’ll be getting it at a discount. That’s it for this list. Let me know what you think of these coins.



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